Samsung launched the portable T3 SSD in India. Samsung T3 is a portable solid state storage drive (SSD) that is amazingly fast, easy to carry and supports USB 3.1 (Type C port). T3 SSD pricing starts from ₹10,999 and goes up to ₹74,999 depending on the storage capacity.

Key highlight about Samsung T3 portable SSD

This SSD is available with 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacity options. Though it supports USB 3.1 you can use it with USB 2.0. Extremely light weight at just about 51 grams with dimensions 58 x 74 x 10.5 (mm).

This T3 portable SSD is shock resistant and pretty strong – packed inside a metal casing. It works with Windows 7 version and above, Android KitKat and above and Mac OS 10.7 and above. T3 SSD supports speed (sequential) of up to 450MB per second.

Samsung T3 portable SSD launched in India

Other features are RoHS2 compliant, AES-256 bit hardware encryption and UASP mode supported.

Samsung T3 Portable SSD comes with limited 3 years warranty. Price is ₹10,999 for 250GB, ₹18,999 for 500GB, ₹37,999 for 1TB and ₹74,999 for 2TB storage.

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  1. As external storage SSD is pure waste of money as you can get good speeds on normal external drives.

    However if you use them as internal storage for storing the OS and applications it will provide huge performance gains.

    I have already converted my laptop with a SSD almost 1.5 years back. Also removed the DVD and put in the existing HDD in that with help of an adapter (Who needs a DVD drive these days)

    Now I have a super quick laptop !!!

    1. DVD drives are useful for writing your most important data into DVDs. Not a good idea to depend on USB drives exclusively for sensitive data. But of course you can use an external USB DVD writer for that.

      But otherwise you are right about SSDs being much faster as system drives. They may also be much faster for wireless data streaming and transfer but that needs to be checked out.

      I think that by default all laptops and desktops today ought to come with a 128 or 256 tb SSD drive on which the OS is mounted. A separate slot should be provided(in laptops as well) for hooking up an internal data drive unit. There you can purchase and install an internal HDD drive ranging from 500 gb to 2 TB to serve as your D drive. Internal data drive units should be available in standard sizes(a smaller and thinner standard size for laptops as compared to desktops) Then you get the best of old and new technology. The speed of SSD drives for much faster boot times and much better system performance and the reliability and cheapness and large capacity of HDD drives for your data. And you can also save battery juice by keeping your data drive switched off except when you need it. Not sure why this system is not already in place

  2. If u have a slow pc, add a 120 gb ssd (kingston or sandisc bcoz they are cheaper, cost u around 2500 to 3000) and use it as primary drive (install os in ssd drive). It will certainly make a change.

  3. The 250 gb piece for 11 k is interesting. I wonder what kind of guarantee Sammy is offering on that. The price will also drop a bit over a time. But that could be great, not just for playing large games on a high-end laptop or workstation(the primary intent) but for streaming and copying data to your device wirelessly from a router at much faster speeds.

    My Nightgear Nighthawk can copy data at 8-10 mb/s off a USB 3.0 HDD drive, but it still takes about 3 minutes to copy a movie to my tablet. If this can double that speed, it would be very nice! As far as direct USB transfer is concerned, even a USB 3.0 HDD can give up to 90 mb/s for a single file. So except for a large amount of data, the increase in speed will not be noticeable especially if your computer only has USB 3.0. But for wireless transfer, it may be significant.

    Gogi can you review this piece, especially the comparison in FTP transfer speeds with a 1 TB USB 3.0 HDD drive using your TP-Link Archos router with its USB 3.0 port?

  4. Main advantage is that they are shock proof, if they fall down they they will still work. There are no delicate moving parts that may get damaged.

  5. It’s waste buying it,you can buy SSD storage only if you have black money & need faster speeds. For normal usage HDD will do the job where I bought Western Digital My Passport ultra 2TB from PAYTM for around Rs 5,480 after 25% Cash back.