Samsung at the IFA 2015 also unveiled a new device called the SleepSense. This is a unique device that helps improve the quality of sleep by understanding the users sleep pattern. SleepSense can not only analyze sleep but also your heart / respiratory rates.

Samsung Sleepsense is 97% accurate, you need to place this device under your mattress, download the app on your Mobile and connect the Sleepsense device, that’s it. The device will immediately start monitoring your sleep pattern, your heart rate, respiratory rate and your movements (deep sleep, disturbed sleep and so on).

Sleepsense includes real time sensors (contact-less) that can track heart /respiratory rates. The sleep score is calculated based on several parameters and the app will then provide expert recommendation on how to improve your sleep quality.

Samsung SleepSense

Based on the data collected SleepSense can identify the best time for you to wake, you feel more energetic and less likely to feel sleepy throughout the day.

Samsung SleepSense price has not yet been disclosed.

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  1. Samsung ko bolo ki phone ki pricing sahi kare toh hmara sleepsence automatically thik ho jayega

  2. hey, gogi sir One simple question don’t you think it could be harmful sleeping beside a device that’s constantly emitting electromagnetic radiation… to our body and especially our mind…..