I recently got the Samsung S16A100N LED HD PC monitor as I was facing some issues with my older LCD monitor which worked pretty well for almost 3 years. This Samsung SyncMaster SA100 is 39 cms or 15.35 inches LED monitor with HD display supporting resolution of 1366×768 pixels with a response time of 5ms.

I bought this Samsung S16A100N model from a local store as I need it urgently. It cost me Rs. 4,400. Online stores are selling this for almost the same cost with less than a week time for delivery. This HD LED monitor comes with a 3 years Samsung Domestic warranty.

Box Pack

The Box pack contains the 15.3 inch LED monitor, start-up guide, warranty card, power cable, adapter and data cable. You will need to download the driver files and special software called MagicTune from the Samsung Website.


The Samsung S16A100N 15.3 inch LED monitor has got a blackish finish with glossy stand and black colour stand connector. You can tilt the stand -1° to 20°. There is the Samsung logo at the bottom center and LED, Energy star logos on the left bottom corner. On the top left there is the SyncMaster SA100 logo.

Just below the Samsung logo there is a power button. That is the only button this LED monitor has. You need to download the MagicTune software that does the work of the physical buttons. It means you can control the brightness, position, colour and more via the software instead of the hardware button which are in fact missing.


The assembly (stand + connector + monitor) was simple and you need to connect the power cable to the adapter which in turn connects to the monitor. It is a low power consuming device with operation power of just 8W and 0.3W when in standby mode.

I am using Windows Vista 64 bit version and it could not install the monitor drivers automatically. I then manually downloaded the driver files as well as the MagicTune software from the official Samsung website. The driver file is approx 8MB and the MagicTune software is around 20MB.

Click here to download the drivers / MagicTune software for Samsung S16A100N.

By default the display area was going off the screen on the left side i.e. part of the windows start button was missing and there was extra blank space on the right. After installing the Magic Tune Software I used the Image setup -> position option to fix the display so it looked perfect.

Samsung S16A100N LED PC Monitor review

This is a perfect LED monitor for home use that occupies less space and is light weight (easy to move around). There are no hardware buttons but there is the Magic Tune software to compensate it. The response time is really good at 5ms. Another advantage is that it supports HD.

For a price of under Rs. 4,600 Samsung S16A100N is the best you can get and LED with HD, what more can you ask for.

Samsung S16A100N LED PC Monitor unboxing and review video

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in