Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 4 and the Gear S today in India. The Note 4 sports a 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen. This handset runs Kitkat with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. The Note 4 is priced at Rs. 58,300 and the Gear S smartwatch for under rs. 30,000.

Like the other Note series the Note 4 also comes with the S-Pen, an improved S-Pen. This handset comes with 16MP rear camera and 3.7MP front camera. Back cover is with soft material. Screen is with Gorilla Glass 4 protection. Note 4 is available in 4 beautiful colors.

Battery is 3,220 mAh capacity with fast charge capabilities it can charge from 0% to 50% in just about 30 minutes.

The Indian Note 4 is 2.7GHz Quad Core Processor with 4G LTE support. External micro SD card of up to 64GB is supported. There is finger print scanner and 14 Indian regional languages are supported.

samsung gear S and the Galaxy Note launched in India

The Gear S Smartwatch has also been announced for Rs. 28,900. The watch comes with SIM slot and can work independently. The watch comes with heart rate sensor, barometer, gyro and UV. It is dust and water resistant and you can use voice commands too.

The Note 4 in India is for Rs. 58,300 and the Gear S Smartwatch for Rs. 28,900.

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  1. Is this phone really worth 58000/-? I think buying this phone at this price will be sheer stupidity. Samsung products seem to over hyped. They have nothing special. I have an S4 which despite updates, lag too much. and Why should one fork out 28000/- on a lousy product? like samsung watch.
    well I am pretty sure its prices will come down to 35000/- withing 60 days.

    1. The S4 you have comes with an Exynos processor which was not very good. It was released for ”emerging markets” with the Snapdragon processor cutting edge version reserved for developed countries. This time we are getting the Snapdragon processor version, the cutting edge version. Samsung’s mid-range and ”emerging market” products may be terrible but their cutting edge products are the best in the world because Samsung’s flash memory is better and much faster than what anyone else has been able to make, and the internal data speeds will be much faster giving very superior benchmarks and real life performance. With the Note 4, you also get the electronic stylus which is superbly engineered and extremely useful in a variety of ways, which nobody else has been able to mimic properly(at best you get a low-tech pressure sensitive stylus) The price may come down to about 53 k but not less than that. It will be worth it too. The only downside is Kitkat with its lack of permissions to modify the external storage etc. I hope they’ve fixed that by tweaking the touchwiz ROM they use)

  2. Snapdragon 805 in 1 month it will be outdated.why they dropped exynos? Note 4 will be thrown into dustbin in two months after nexus 6.they r digging their own grave.hahaaaa

    1. Assuming the Nexus 6 arrives. And even then, by the time the playstore catches up with the changes in Android L, it will be the middle of 2015. A lot of people may prefer to use Kitkat in that transitional period and then upgrade to Android L(which will certainly be available for the Note 4 at the time)

      Samsung’s flash memory is vastly superior to what anybody else can offer. The benchmarks as well as real life performance will be on a whole other plane. Not for nothing is Samsung practically the only Android manufacturer with a serious share of the market in America.

      The Exynos processors were for ”emerging” markets. Thank God Samsung now think of India as deserving a little more respect, and have decided to move us up from cattle class to business class.

  3. At last samsung releases snapdragon verson in india and about the price it is definetly come down

  4. Better to buy iphone 6 at this price. Because iphone 6 price stays the same compared to Samsung.

    1. iOS does not even have a file system. It is not a mobile OS but a music player GUI. If you want to buy a music player+gaming console for this price, go ahead. But don’t confuse others.

  5. I will still prefer Huawei’s Honor 6 in comparison to Samsung devices, as I feel Huawei’s got better features in comparison to Samsung and at much better price

  6. Once again Samsung has shown that it learnt no lessons from the slump it suffered in 2013 & 14. It seems Samsung has forgotten the price sensitive nature of the Indian consumer. It has never been about being able to get the best hardware specifications you can buy by throwing the most money. For Indian consumers it has always been about the best hardware they can get at their budget. Samsung pricing for elite works for a small percentage of Indian only, hence drop in market share.

  7. i think after 2 or 3 months Samsung will launch the octacore version as it is 64 bit and supports full android L apps and services….and it will be priced as the same launch price as of now it is ……and also it will be bread on butter position for Samsung to really boost the sales of their devices…good move by Samsung…….. but the price is bit xtraaaa as it is available in US for 720 dollars (contract free) which when converted to indian currency comes to around 43000 Indian rupees…..

  8. SAMSUNG is over hyped company. I doesn’t have reliance in any of their product not only in mobiles nor in other segments.

  9. This is call Obscene Pricing. If you dont want S-Pen then Xiaomi’s Mi4 will come in 20K, almost 1/3rd price of this.

  10. Oh my god…why samsung is trying so hard for an early exit from India….!Riddddiiiiculas pricing….!