Samsung Mobiles today launched the Galaxy J7 2016 and the Galaxy J5 2016 from the Galaxy J series. The Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is priced at Rs. 15,990 and the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 comes for Rs. 13,990.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 features and specifications

This handset houses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz with Adreno 306 GPU. It sports a 5.2 inch (good news it’s with a Super AMOLED display) and with a good resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

The Galaxy J5 runs on Android 6 with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM and 128GB  micro SD card support. Weight is 159 grams with 3100 mAh battery. A 13MP camera with a f/1.9 aperture is on the back and on the front there is a 5MP camera with front LED flash.

Other features are 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 is priced at Rs. 13,990.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 and J7 2016 launched for Rs. 13,990 and Rs. 15,990

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 features and specifications

This handset is powered by Samsung Exynos 7870 1.6GHz octa core processor.  J7 2016 sports a 5.5 inch super AMOLED screen. Screen resolution is 720 pixels.

Android 6 (marshmallow) runs out of the box with 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM and 128GB micro SD card support. A 13Mp camera is on the back and a 5MP on the front. Both front and back cameras come with LED flash support.

Weight with 3300 mAh battery is 170 grams and thickness is 7.8mm. Other features are 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, GPS, NFC, WiFi (dual band) and BT 4.1.

Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is priced at Rs. 15,990. The J7 2016 also come with Bike Mode as seen on Galaxy J3 smartphone.

These handsets will be available on Flipkart, starting at Midnight with double data offers from from Airtel.

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  1. Gogiji, J7 2015 has Mali 720MP3 as GPU. Now please tell me the no of Mali T830 cores present in J7 2016. I googled it a lot, but couldn’t find the answer…Plzz don’t neglect this request.

  2. IF you consider after sale support, optimized software samsung is no doubt good, but at this price they should have given FP, IR…with this it could have been a best deal.

  3. Only reason companies like Samsung are launching good deals are because of companies like redmi have come up with deals like redmi note3.
    Nai to inke kya kehne, inka bass chale to j7 ko 30000 ka price kare…..
    No doubt, Samsung hi end phones are good quality. Others still need to catch up and prove quality and service, like Samsung has, for so many years, provided customer care centers in such small towns in all over India…… has given services and has earned it’s name literally, but other companies are new and need to put hard-working……

  4. Under 16k my best 3 pick is
    1)Zte Nubia z11 mini
    2)Galaxy J7(2016)
    3)Galaxy s5
    Among these 3 I think Nubia is best so Waiting eagerly for Nubia z11 mini.

      1. RN3 is heater Bro which has average camera… so if u looking for better camera than go with Samsumg S5, if dual sim is required with 5.5″ screen then J7 2016 edition will be perfect…..

  5. J5 for 13999rs, OMG.. You will get same Specifications in Lenovo A6000 Plus for 7500rs only.. Samsung J5 & J7 highly overpriced.. Loot hai ye
    That too without Fingerprint Scanner is shame

    1. Dear sher khan, its not only for Specs, good after sales service, durability, brand name also matters…. Lenovo has worst camera, buggy software and worst customer care….

      Its again personal choice. If u like Lenovo then go with it…for many others … they prefer Samsung coz दूध का जल छांछ भी फु क फुक कर पीता है….. So no more Xiaomi, Lenova, Micromax, Intex….etc….

      1. Another Samsung fan boy spotted…
        How will u pay so much extra price for brand…
        No FP is a big minus at this price

        1. Dear Umar, FP is not important for everyone.. What u do if your phone is getting over heated, have bad camera, buggy software, high Sar value, worst after sale suppprt… I had wasted my a lot time, energy and money during my previous owned mobiles of Xiaomi, Lava, Micromax and Lenova…. Finally using Samsung J7 from last 9month and not faced even a single problem till date…Have got many updates…… its working like a charm, a new phone till date…. I m not a Samsumg fanboy Bro, its my personal experience … First read and then comment…. U you like Lenovo, Xiaomi phones then go ahead nobody is stopping u to buy these phones….

  6. Cons:
    1. Only 720p screen on 5.5 inch screen
    2. Exynos 7870 (32 bit chip) whose performance is less than SD650, may be equal to SD615
    3. No fingerprint scanner.
    4. Laggy Touchwiz over a period of use
    5. Old boring design

    1. Samsung brand name
    2. Good software optimization.

    Better go for Redmi note3, best device in the price range… Long time problem solved i e battery life, u can watch 3 movies back to back

    1. Hey Ashok there are many other pros in addition to these you have mentioned
      First of all exynos 7870 is a 64bit chip based on a 14mm architecture plus it has a super amoled display so it ensures great battery life almost equal or little less to that of redmi note 3
      Also it has a 13mp rear camera with f/1.9 aperture lens same as that which is present in galaxy it has a very good camera and definetely better than that of redmi note 3 and the front facing camera has a flash.Also it has a 720p display and mali 830mp2 GPU which ensures a good gaming experience.also after sales service of Samsung is far better than that of xiaomi.

      1. exynos 7870 is a shame in a gaming phone .
        Even Helio p10 is more powerful (1.7GHz vs 2.0GHz, mali830 MP2 vs Mali 860 MP2).

        1. Yes But as the resolution is 720p there is no frame drops or no lags while playing heavy games like asphalt 8 etc..

    2. And by the way I have a redmi note 3 32gb version and i am also not a Samsung fanboy

    3. I Agree Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is far better than J5 and j7. But For Customers Removable Battery, Customer Support, Software Support, Brand And Resale Value. Not Bad At This Price Only If U Want A Brand Name. Those Who R Not Happy Can Go For Galaxy S5 Little Bit Disappointment For Indians 2 GB Ram Where China Get 3 GB RAM With Full HD. Other Wise Chinese Smart Phones Best Choice Like Xiaomi , Lenovo Etc..

  7. Ha ha as expected Shamesung disappointed all of us tat for China people alone 3gb Ram and FHD,I don’t know what they are thinking of us Indian’s?

  8. Disappointed, Samsung entered middle level mobiles. Last year with j5 and j7 and were successful. Again in 2016 went back. To original point with limited outdated Specification. Difficult to sell mobiles with these Specification no full hd screen, many sensor missing, no finger print scanner, No metallic body, led notification missing, Only 2gb ram, gaming and multitasking Will be the problem.

  9. Ppl should wait for next gen asus zenfore series.. Simply ignore shamesung

    1. asus is very good at software updates we will be receiving Android M when others will be enjoying Android N better go 4 moto

  10. What a joke…

    Rs.16000 me sirf hd screen without FP sensor….????

    Please sab log samsung k products kharidna band karo… inko apni aukaat pta chal jayegi..

  11. these are great phones…Samsung is not over charging u…it needs money for RSD , good costumer service and brand name…

  12. ठीक ही है बस,
    इस क़दर कॉम्पटीशन है मोबाइल बाजार में तो 16000 rs में fp सेंसर तो होना बनता था न शेम-संग जी।??

  13. Samsung thinks that Indians will buy anything just if it has a brand name? Samsung we don’t need your phone that’s not even equal to 6K from other manufacturers.

    I hope people boycott samsung products for selling different low end model to us.

    1. Think seriously! I think Chinese mobiles are crap. They die down so soon and problems start coming thick and fast in few months.

  14. what a waste of money spending on these….wen there r super phones around like mi note 3, le 1s with ultra modern features….this j7 j5 are joker phones only fools will buy these , no FPS….bike mode indeed wat a great feauture to boast off.

    1. I have note 3 and le 1s…redmi note 3 ir blaster and FP not working properly and le 1s heater…u can’t talk more than 10 min out side with le 1s…..have an experience and comment bro

      1. Yah lol.. U will say and i will believe ! Is that what u expect? Lol, u r a Samsung fan boy! Don’t know about le 1s… But if u say that RN3 is bad, u must be kidding, i gifted the same to my sister and she feels its amazing ! Now one thing i can say for sure MR fanboy.. U haven’t had any of these budget superphones! Lol

      2. Yes u r right Lachi the mention link for hk_en means Hong Kong. Tht 3GB model for china…

          1. Iam not Samsung fan boy….just observe fact…cheap aluminum metal body….I have both le 1s and redmi note 3 32gb

  15. Some sites are writing that j7 2016 has fingerprint sensor too.
    Kindly clarify

  16. it’s GPU is mali t830 mp2 which is as good as mali t760 mp2 so gaming should be good due to HD resolution

    1. that is not the Indian version….it is probably the one launched in China or some other country.

      1. In china they launch good products.. in india they launch bullshit mobiles.. with no light sensor……

  17. bull shit…its basically same 720p screen phone as last year J series. but in China they are giving full HD screen to survive in front of brands like xiaomi, lenovo, le co etc.
    better to buy redmi note 3 or Le1s.

  18. Hi gogi in china

    j7(2016) come with 3GB ram FHD..

    is this the same as they launched in china.. please confirm

      1. Thanks for reply Gogi….. i am hoping for that J7.. In china they launch in light sensor.

        I want to know what samsung thinks indian people donts need auto brightness. they need to adjust manually,,

        16K is waste without light sensor and 3GB RAM.. Launch china variant in india..

        Guys please aviod j7……. go for j5 ( without light sensor but in china it has)

  19. Samsung knows that india vale to samsung na naam se kuch bhi le lenge isiliye 3gb ram and FHD to bhool hi jao 😀

  20. Come on samsung..was expected j5 within ₹ 12000.. lollipop 5.1 and sd 410 …
    Samsung have no regard about today’s expectations…marshmallow and sd 616 at this price should’ve been nice deal

  21. Indian version of Galaxy J7 has got only HD ( 1280*720) resolution with 2gb RAM.

  22. Hi Gogi

    In lots of websites like ndtv, The Indian Express‎ it is showing 2 gb ram for J7 and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Can you please confirm it is with 2gb ram or 3gb and which android version…

    1. It should have light sensor not sure about LED notification. I have not got the review unit, when and if I get will check that.