A technology website ‘AnandTech’ has found that the Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmark scores were better when compared with its competitor on certain benchmark apps. The site claims that the GPU on the S4 ran at higher MHz.

AnandTech site reported that the Galaxy S4 GPU was optimized to perform well by running at a higher speed of 533 MHz instead of the standard 480 MHz on certain benchmark application. But in the real world one would find no difference between the S4 and its competitors, in fact S4 lagged on many occasions.

Samsung however have denied these allegations and have started that the max GPU frequency set on the Galaxy S4 is indeed 533 MHz. But in most cases the GPU runs on 480 MHz, specially in gaming mode so as not to cause an overload and the max frequency of 533 MHz (at times) is achieved when the app is using full screen mode such as camera, video player, S Browser etc and in certain Benchmark apps as per the demand.

Samsung also clarified that the GPU is optimized for optimal user experience and not to improve benchmark results.  The interesting part is that the Exynos Chipset is developed and manufactured by Samsung Electronics and the same is used on other international models, however S4 gets 11% boost in Benchmark performance.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in