Reliance has launched new plans the Rs. 199 and Rs. 299 plans, these plans look really good and offers more data benefits to the user. Reliance 199 and Reliance 299 plan packs are valid for 28 days only and come with 1.2GB and 2GB per day high speed data usage respectively.

If you visit the Jio official website there are few more Jio plans added to the list, a Rs. 199 plan and a Rs. 299 plan. Now this 199 plan as well as the 299 plan comes with 28 days validity and both these plans come with added benefits like unlimited – SMS’s, Jio APP access and Voice calls.

The difference between the Jio 199 and Jio 299 plan is that the 199 plan offers 1.2GB of data usage per day after that the speed will reduce and the 299 plan offers 2GB of data per day and after that the speed will reduce.

Reliance Jio 199 and Reliance Jio 299 plans

If you compare these plans with the Jio 149 plan you will see that the 149 plan offers just 4.2GB of data whereas for 199 you get 1.2GB per day for 28 days and with 299 you get 2GB data per day for 28 days.

The Reliance Jio 199 and Reliance Jio 299 plans are already listed in the Exclusively for Jio Prime Customers 4G tariff plan page on official site.