If you have subscribed to Reliance Jio Prime Membership or if you are planning to do so, here is something that you should know. Reliance Jio Prime Customers need to recharge a minimum of Rs. 149 per month to keep their Prime Membership active.

Prime Membership needs minimum Rs. 149 recharge per month

So once you become a prime member you need to charge a minimum of Rs. 149 to keep the prime membership active. The FAQ on reliance website says “In case there is no minimum recharge of Rs. 149 per month, the company holds the right to deactivate Jio prime subscription of the customer“.

Well it should not be an issue for those who already made up their mind to go for the Rs. 303 or Rs. 499 plan. But yes for those who got prime membership thinking to use less than Rs. 149 plans, well that is not going to work. They need minimum 149 recharge.

Reliance Jio Prime Members need to recharge minimum Rs. 149 per month

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in