Reliance during the AGM showcased  a new and exciting product the Jio Glass, now this one is kind of similar to what Snapchat is offering the Snapchat glasses, but probably might be much cheaper. The Jio Glasses are designed for students and teachers they can interact via 3D virtual rooms.

During the AGM demo Kiran Thomas (RIL President) did a demo wherein he put on the glasses and said Hello Jio call Aakash and Isha, after which the Jio Glass made calls automatically and started showing 3D avatar of Aakash, whereas Isha connected via 2D video call interface demonstrating how the product worked.

Reliance Jio Glass

This is kind of mixed reality technology best in the class and surely will give an immersive experience. Weight of this Jio Glass is 75 grams and it can be connected to smartphone via a cable (same process for charging).

Jio Glass will come with pre loaded apps about 25+ specially made for virtual meetings and augmented reality content. 

No word about the Jio Glass price and availability.   

Another good news is that Reliance Jio will launch the Jio 5G services in India (Made in India), they will start testing their 5G services soon. 

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -