The Redmi Note sold out in just about 40 seconds in Indonesia, and the good news is that Hugo Barra has mentioned that the Redmi Note is coming to India next. Probably in a week or two, though no official dates have been confirmed. 

So far the Redmi 1S is going strong and the next sale is on 18th. I am not sure if Xiaomi will ever conduct a flash sale with two handsets. So I guess they will stop the 1S sale and move to the next that is the Redmi Note.

If the Redmi Note is not made available this month, it will be early next month. The Note is Octa core powered using the MediaTek chipset. It sports a 5.5 inch screen with HD resolution. Comes with 2GB RAM, 8GB storage and 32 GB external card support. There is 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Battery is 3100 mAh capacity. It is priced at Rs. 9,999.

So those eagerly waiting for the Redmi Note, watch out.

redmi note coming soon in India


Hugo Barra - redmi note coming to India, next...

Tip: Venkatesh.

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  1. I am using redmi note since 1 month…. It is an awesome mobile.. Great battery backup and performance…

    1. From where did u get the mob??? How is its perfomance??? and how is the battery back up??? how is camera performance..please let us know in detail

      1. It is available in ebay…
        Good battery backup
        Lag free performance
        Antutu 27000
        I got for 13k from getezee
        Camera is not upto 13mp mark… but ok

  2. Hey gogi ji and friends i got my redmi 1s tomorow,it taking 3min to charge 1% and almost 5hour to full charge,please help of is it battery defect and is anyone facing same issue,how much time it actually takes to charge fully

    1. normally it takes 2 hours to charge full. but it depends on the way you charge,charging current and so on. for a new cell phone, maybe it will take a little bit longer, so take times, see whats going on next. if it still charging so long,then probly is the battery problem.
      good luck.

      sheila.V from

      1. mine too takes 2 hrs… and discharges in 5 hrs for continuous 2g browsing. standby time is superb, down 1% each hour

  3. Iam using mi power Bank 10400mah andvi didn’t face any problems it is working well might you got a faulty one ask for replacement with flipkart

  4. Gogi Ji,

    Appreciate mentioning my name in Tip 🙂 , Thank you….

    Would it be wise to compare Redmi note and ASUS Zenfone (8 GB) ? which one would be good option ?

  5. Hi Gogi,
    I haven’t still understood Xiaomi’s strategy!! Why aren’t they releasing the Mi4, MiPad as well.
    They belong to different segments/categories. Then, whats the problem with them.
    They can select separate dates for each one for these devices, for the flash sale.
    If they continue the same trend and by the time they start selling them, we might see lot more options from the competitors with same/near about features.
    I have been looking for MiPad as well but now, i have already started looking for alternatives like Honor T which has got the calling facility as well.
    Xiaomi has to take a call on this and decide how they can capture more market before its too late for them.
    We have been waiting and still waiting for the Wonders to happen from the beloved company, ‘Xiaomi’.
    Come on ‘Barra’, understand the world of India 🙂

    1. Brother Xiaomi understands India which is why its sales have shooted up within a span of mere 4 months. No company, mind it no company has ever been able sell its product so quickly that too with zero to no advertisements.

      1. I Agree brother. But i hope you haven’t understood what i am mean to say here.
        Xiaomi can release these devices which are of/for different segments/categories altogether.
        Mi4 is in a high end segment category, where as Note is in mid segment and when finally when we talk about MiPad, it is completely a different segment altogether.
        So, they can offer all of these at once which can bring more market for them by capturing all segment people with in a very less span of time. Then, people will not even think about any other brand as they can find all the segments from Xiaomi itself.
        If not, as most of the people definitely wont wait for a long time hence, making them to loose their prestigious customer base.

    2. Actually xiaomi understand d demand, but they r already under supply constrains from the huge demand in China, so they r unable to bring more products to India

    3. Come on Nishad…Xiaomi is a business house…they need profits…people like you and me simply cant decide their strategy. Strategy is something which is decided not by emotions. It is decided by numbers, demand, supply chain. etc etc. So chill buddy. Wait if u r desperate for Xiaomi.

      1. Well said Sunny. End of the day, everyone wants money.
        Ii that has been the case, they can release all these handsets.
        But, they are not very aggressive on the models/segments as they are on the pricing.
        They are following a strategical movement to spread their existence from a lower end segment.
        By now, they are known to more than 5-10% of Indians.
        This way, they can make better advertisement rather spending money on it.
        This is actually a very good as well as a bad approach as they are unable to reach our demands on time and they are not considering the rivals who are bringing down their prices.
        It will be good if they can launch all their devices (Old and New) in India as well at the same time.
        Hope, they understand this very soon.

  6. Gogi Sir Eagerly Waiting for Your Hands on And reviews on Xiaomi Redmi Note 😀
    if it is Possible then Please Ask Xiaomi India to Get A Review Unit to you . :p
    Your Reviews are Best They Contain all the Things at Once Like Gaming + Camera+ Benchmarks And Duration of Videos is also Good !
    Keep it up !!!

  7. Gogi,
    I’m waiting for Redmi Note. I own a Redmi 1s on 1st sale I.e.2nd sept. I need a review by you as you did honestly for Redmi 1s. Please let us confirm whether Redmi notes screen is yellowish as of Redmi 1s. when I’m playing a same video in two mobile Redmi 1s and micromax canvas 2 I observe the yellowish display of Redmi 1s.

    what about it’s screen protection AGC or not?

    major difference between a snapdragon and mediatek chipsets?

    thank you Gogi very much.

  8. Demand for redmi 1s has reduced and now it’s taking hours to go out of stock. So Xiaomi will probably reduce redmi 1s stock to 40k and also bring note though the demand for note will be much less then 1s.

  9. gogi, I have received redmi 1s today which I ordered on 11 nov sale, bt on opening the package, the screen is found to be cracked. now what i do?????
    waiting for u reply. thanks

      1. Whay was that? Gone nuts? Why would anybody spend 4500 when it is under 1 year warranty plus 30 days replacement guarantee from flipkart?

    1. Yaar Karan, khareedega flipkart se aur poochega Gogi se? :). Call flipkart and ask them for replacement. Simple.

      1. Well said. This is the current condition and knowledge of indian buyers. They are not at all aware of what to do.

      2. Guys i also bought 10400 mah pb from fk as i connects my phone it automatically detects and starts charge but after 5-10 mintes automatically stops what to do?
        I got faulty one?

        1. Check if charging cable is faulty. Also check the battery of handset is faulty. By the way is it the Xiaomi power bank.?

    2. Something similar happened to me also.. I called flipkart and mailed them too regarding the problem.. Next day they shipped me a new item and the flipkart boy took my damaged piece and gave me the new one.. I’m happy…

    3. Contact flipkart on their toll free number and ask for replacement. They will pickup the faulty piece from your doorstep and will give new piece same time.

    4. Open your flipkart account and go to my orders and click on “Return” Fill it and within 48hrs you will get a call from technical team department

      1. Lol no one using mi pb here

        Already applied for return

        I just want to ask that improper chargin mean i got faulty one cable is ok batry is ok evenmy zebronics nodes batry also charging improperly(mean as i connects device it charges it but after some time pb stops i need to start itagain)

        1. Hi,
          Usually Xiaomi power bank stops blinking if the battery is fully charged.
          I am not sure whats the case with is? You better return the product if you find it faulty.
          That’s the best you can do. Mine is working like a charm 🙂

    5. r u idiots, help him to come out of problem instead of making joke. He might be first time flipkart buyer or perhaps facing this first time. Karan simply open ur flipkart account and then open order and click on return and write ur reason for return. May it helpfull to u………….