Redmi Note 4 will soon be available at Vijay Sales Stores

Good news for those who don’t like to shop online and those who like Redmi smartphones. You will soon be able to experience and then buy the Redmi Note 4 at Vijay Sales Store.  For now only the Redmi Note 4 will be made available.

So Xiaomi has slowly started moving towards / targeting the offline segment, they already invested in Mi Homes their own experience zone / store and at the same time the company has also started teaming up with branded stores for selling their products.

The next time you visit Vijay Sales Store don’t be surprised if you see a Redmi Phone there. It is good to get Redmi phones in offline markets but there you will most likely find outdated models as the online demand is so high that it will be difficult to get newly launched models online as well as offline, unless the company increases production.

Redmi Note 4 at Vijay sales

So what do you think about Redmi Note 4 at Vijay Sales, will you buy one offline?

Source : Twitter


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