The Redmi 4A is here at Rs. 5,999 and the Redmi 3S is already selling for Rs. 6,999. There is a Rs. 1,000 difference, both are very good handsets so which one should you buy, the Redmi 4A or the Redmi 3S?

Redmi 4A Vs Redmi 3S

There are some minor specs difference, and Redmi 4A body is plastic whereas Redmi 3S body is metal. 4A is light weight (131 grams) and powered by Snapdragon 425 quad core chipset and 3S is slightly heavier (145 grams) than 4A and powered by Snapdragon  430 octa core processor. Both are 64 bit chipsets.

Redmi 4A Antutu benchmark = 36168 / 2515
Redmi 3S Antutu benchmark = 42150 / 7435

Interestingly both Redmi 4A and Redmi 3S comes with 10 point multi touch that offers smoother multi touch experience. Also screen quality is very good on both handsets.

Redmi 4A Vs Redmi 3S

Looking at the benchmark scores you can see that Redmi 3S scores higher and even in real life scenario 3S does better when using heavy apps like Games. In simple words if you are gaming user then go with Redmi 3S.

For other users it does not matter if they go with Redmi 4A or the Redmi 3S.

3S camera is better with f/2.0 compared with Redmi 4A that comes with f/2.2 aperture.

In general Redmi 4A feels really good to use, cause of the size and weight. Also heatup is less on both handsets.

So which one are you going for 4A or 3S?

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -