When a YouTube Channel crosses the 100,000 milestone, YouTube sends them a trophy a silver button. I just got the Silver Play button. Do check the video / images to see how it looks. Thank you all of you who subscribed to my channel and made it happen.

Once your channel gets over 100,000 subscribers you will get a notification with an option to get the YouTube Silver button. Now this is optional if you want you can order or ignore, but why would one ignore. Also this is free of cost.

The award is a Silver Play Button (not real silver), placed inside a frame with the Channel name printed, you can keep the frame on table of put it on a wall. The box packing was really good, tough and overall the package was pretty light weight.

Once you accept the award you need to feed in your deliver address and also enter your Channel Name that will be printed on the award. Once done all you need to do is, wait. It takes 2 to 3 months or more for the award (a YouTube silver play button) to reach your destination.

Gogi Tech YouTube Silver Play button

Now this award came from China (shipped from China). The only thing I was worried was if this package will attract custom duty or not. It came via FeDEX. I got a call / SMS / email from FeDEX asking for KYC (identity proof / address proof). I sent those via email. This KYC was for custom clearance, they also asked me to send a letter stating that the product was for my personal use.

And then the product was finally delivered and that too without custom duty. The package had a declaration attached – with amount $45. There was no custom duty and in fact there shouldn’t be, anyway I had made up my mind, I would not have accepted the package if I had to pay custom duty makes no sense, and award wapsi made sense in such a situation.

Thank you all once again those who have subscribed to my channel and made this possible.  In case if you have not subscribed do subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in