Realme launched the Buds Air a true Bluetooth Wireless earbuds that not only look like Apple AirPods first generation but also comes with the similar features – minus the price, well these Realme Buds Air are priced at Rs. 3,999.

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Realme Buds Air Unboxing

Inside the box you will find charging case with the earbuds, user manual, data cable.

Realme Buds Air features and performance

When you look at the Buds Air and feel it, you will immediately think of the Apple AirPods, these Realme buds are really good, considering the cost one can easily say the quality is just awesome.

These earbuds supports bluetooth 5.0, for wire free audio experience. On the charging case there is LED light and a button for pairing. Remove the earbuds and they will get activated, put the earbuds in your ear and it will detect that, thanks to the wear detection sensor.

If you are listening to your favourite audio, remove the earbuds and it will pause, put in the earbuds in your ear and it will start playing. This is a cool feature found in Apple AirPods and you get this on the Realme Buds Air for just Rs. 3,999.

realme buds air review

Add to it these earbuds also support wireless charging. Not just this, if you plug in say the left earbuds in your left ear you can tap the touch sensitive button and use the single earbud.

Another impressive thing is that in case a earbud is lost you can buy it from Realme store, you can also buy the charging case. So if a earbud is lost or the charging case – there is no need to buy a new Realme buds air.

Realme Buds Air sound quality

Pretty impressive, bass quality is as loved by Indian users, vocals clear and instrument separation is pretty good. There is dual Mic Noise cancellation ENC that works when you are calling / receiving a call.

Realme Buds Battery life

The earbuds on a Full charge will give you around three hours of battery life non-stop and the charging case will be able to charge the ear buds for up to 3 to 4 times after that you will need to charge the charging case.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -