Realme 1 Silver Limited Edition with 4GB RAM on sale on Amazon

Planning to buy the Realme 1 smartphone then do check the limited edition silver color. So far the red and black colors were available and only with 3GB RAM and 6GB RAM option. But now the 4GB RAM variant is also available.

The Realme 1 Silver limited edition though looks good in photo, I have ordered one and the unboxing and first impression will come soon, I will be getting the product tomorrow. Realme 1 recently got a update that fixes all the issues as I mentioned in my reviews. Those were not really issues but some settings that I guess Realme 1 has switch off by default.

Even the face unlock issue i.e. if eye is closed the handset sill unlocks, I have mentioned in video that there are several parameters that go on to detect the face, eye is one of them. Well the eye parameter is now enabled which means you will need to keep your eye open for the face unlock to work.

realme 1 silver limited edition

So watch out for the Silver Realme 1 unboxing and first impressing coming soon.

You can buy the Realme 1 Silver 4GB version from Amazon –


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