After my (over 4 years old) wired keyboard started malfunctioning, I decided to buy a wireless one. I bought the Rapoo E1050 Wireless 2.4GHz keyboard that was available for an attractive price of Rs. 799. Here is my review of Rapoo E1050.

The Rapoo E1050 wireless keyboard that I got came with keyboard + nano receiver, there are combo options also available wherein you can get keyboard + mouse and a single nano USB receiver that controls both. I am already using a wireless mouse and hence opted for just the wireless keyboard.

Unboxing – Inside the box you will get the keyboard, a AA battery, user manual and nano receiver.

Design and Performance

The Rapoo E1050 wireless keyboard looks cool and is quite compact. My older keyboard that I was using for a very long time was much wider and there was a good gap between the keyboard and the numeric pad. However on the E1050 there is hardly any gap, this could be a disadvantage for those who use numeric pad a lot.

Rapoo Wireless Keyboard E1050 box pack

Wireless options gives you wire-free freedom and the best part is you can keep the keyboard wherever you like, on table, your lap, bed and it works from a distance of up to 10 meters. The individual keys are of a good size, keys are soft to tap and quite silent.

Rapoo Wireless Keyboard E1050 review

The battery compartment is on the top between the F12 key and the Insert Key. To remove the battery compartment you need to push the cover to the right and then pull the cover out. Insert the single AA battery and you are ready to use the Rapoo wireless keyboard.

Rapoo Wireless Keyboard E1050 battery and USB nano receiver

To connect to your PC / Laptop you need to insert the 2.4GHz USB Nano receiver into a USB port. Once done, you will then be able to use the keyboard.

Rapoo Wireless Keyboard E1050 big comfortable keys

There are no LED lights on this keyboard, in case caps-lock is ‘on’, for example, you will not know that by just looking at the keyboard.

This keyboard is using a plastic body – build quality and finishing is very good.

Rapoo Wireless Keyboard E1050 single battery compartment


Overall the Rapoo E1050 is a very good and affordable wireless input option. I have just started using the keyboard, so far no issues and working really smooth. This wireless keyboard comes with 2 years warranty and the AA battery will last for up to 12 months. A very good buy for the price.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Rapoo E1050 wireless keyboard is available for Rs. 799.

Update : I did face slow response once or twice, specially happens when you are not working on your PC and it goes in standby mode. It also happened cause of other interference, very rare but if you face such issues just remove the receiver and plug it back again.

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  1. Hi, i buy the product last five years back now only connect with my system but not able to connect, kindly help and explain of how to connect this asap…

  2. keyboard is fine but not working . i have mouse reciver everything. what can i do. mouse is working fine. but keyboard not working.

  3. How to change between Fn and F1-F2-F3 functions so when i press F12 it mutes or when i press F6 it pauses?

  4. The biggest ;let down is the short life of the mouse battery and I dont use mine very often plus the lack of being able to tell when caps lock is on – very frustrating when inputting password that is case sensitive. Also I can’t find any updates

  5. I bought one of these a couple of years ago. It came in a combo pack with the Rapoo 1010 mouse for $20CAD at Canada Computers. What an absolute BARGAIN! I mean, the mouse is no better or worse than any other mouse but the keyboard is phenomenal! Because the keys are so soft, responsive and close together, this keyboard literally increases my typing speed considerably. I can honestly say that in my opinion, this is honestly one of, if not THE BEST keyboard I’ve ever used. To put that into perspective, the first time I ever used a computer keyboard was in 1982. This keyboard even feels better than I remember the legendary keyboard of the original IBM PC model 5150 back in 1984. I really hope I can still get more of these.

  6. Thanks for the reveiw.
    Sir, will it work with Ipad Air 2 . The Rapoo 1860 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo (Common Nano Receiver) looks a good deal

  7. Gogi,
    Do you feel uncomfortable as compare to your old keyboard,
    Because i think if you are using on desktop, Palm Rest keyboards
    are quite good for working.

    1. The older one was comfortable but am getting used to this one. Keys are very soft and I can move keyboard where every I want.

  8. Someone please suggest good wireless keyboard and mouse that will work with VU iconium 4k tv.

  9. I am using same keyboard from 1.5 years bought for Rs.599. Keyboard is nice but there is no LED for CAPS/NUM lock. So during entering password sometime i have to check CAPS.

  10. Better to buy a keyboard that works on Windows as well as Android smart TV. Not sure if this works on Android…Then I will go with trusted Logitech.

  11. Gogi sir off topic but any chance you will doing the review of newly launched Lyf F1s?? Looks promising.

  12. Kindly check for any disturbance from mobile phone (while on call and browsing) near the keyboard, I have seen some keyboards hang during such time

    1. It has USB receiver which needs to be plugged in for wireless pairing with keyboard . AFAIKN, it will not work on android OS, smart TV or TAB. It will work on Windows, Linux or MAC OS.

    2. I have a MXQ android TV Box, it has 4 full size USB Ports, I plug in a wireless keyboard USB receiver, and it works great…

      1. Bro, Android TV Box is a full fledged computing box. Suresh asked if this will work on Android OS; Smart TV or a Tablet. AFAIK, neither smart TV nor tablet has USB controller so an external USB input device won’t work. Please share your feedback if your wireless keyboard USB receiver works on either a smart TV or a tablet?