Dosto PUBG Mobile Lite is now available and you can download it on your Mobile, this is the same PUBG made for low performing devices / bad networks.

In this video I have also compared PUBG mobile lite with PUBG Mobile, you will know exactly why the PUBG mobile lite is made.

Mobile Lite is best to use with under performing devices. PUBG Mobile lite is light weight, file size is around 400 MB, the map is small, game play time is less about 10 minutes and number of players is also less 60 player per game.

Apart from this there are some more improvements done on the Mobile Lite version.

Bullet Trail Adjustment
Weapon Recoil Suppression
Extended Time to Kill
Location Display
Heal yourself while moving
Building Areas/ Supplies optimization
RPG and New Firearm integration

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -