Prisma is an interesting app that is now available on Google Play store. This app will easily transform your photos into awesome artworks. This app can be downloaded for free, current version is 1.0 and file size is 7MB.

Prisma app is made by Prisma Labs inc, and here is the original link to app (for Android platform). If you search for Prisma on Google play store you will find a lot of fake apps, avoid installing those – look for Prisma Labs, Inc owner. Better still search for neuralprisma.

With this app you can convert your photos to artwork, and they look really stunning.  There are different artwork options available and it takes time creating the artwork depending on the image size.

How to use Prisma App to create artwork

Launch this android app, approve the permissions as needed. It will launch with the camera switched on, you can either click a new image, even a Selfie – if you want or select photos that you had already taken before.

Once done you can rotate, crop the image etc., then select the artwork that you want to apply. There are many artworks available. Once you select, the transformation will begin. It might take time depending on the image size and image subject complexity.

You will see the new artwork created from the image, move your finger left or right on the artwork to customize. Once you are satisfied you can either save the new image on your smartphone or share it on social networks.

Check the samples below to get an idea what this app is capable of.

Prisma App samples

Prisma sample original image

Prisma sample artwork 1

Prisma sample artwork 2

Download Prisma App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -