PayTM FASTag is a RFID – radio frequency identification technology that is simple to use and reusable.  All you need to do is affix this RFID on your Vehicle windscreen and when you pass through any toll plaza the amount will be automatically deducted from your PayTM account. So no more waiting for paying the toll.

How does this FASTag work?

The sticker need to be affixed on the windscreen, this sticker houses the RFID tech and  it will automatically get detected at the toll collection point, once detected the respective amount will automatically be deducted from your PayTM account – this FASTag is linked with your PayTM account.

Any vehicle sold from 1st December will come with FASTag, it is mandatory a per the new rule by GOVT of India. With this FASTag the vehicle will be able to pass through 380 toll plazas in India with minimal delay and at times without having to stop.


There are more than 350 toll plazas that have the FASTag technology incorporated and operational, more will be added in future. This FASTag helps you speed up the toll process without having to stop.

For more details about the PayTM FASTag / NETC visit the official page.