The GoPro Fusion a 5.2K 360 degree spherical camera is coming soon and it will include a new feature called OverCapture. This feature will allow the user to shoot from single location but actually record moments in all directions.

There are times when you want to capture the perfect moment but the camera was placed in the wrong direction. But with OverCapture you don’t have worry. It captures in very angle, so once the shot is taken user can use the entire spherical file to find that perfect shot.

For professional to get the best shot they would often use multiple cameras and in most cases the object will be the same. Now the best part about GoPro Fusion is that you don’t need to use multiple cameras, once OverCaptured you can choose the important content – this means more flexibility in your storytelling.

GoPro Fusion OverCapture

Check this video below to get an idea about what the GoPro 5.2K Spherical camera Fusion with OverCapture can do.