You might have read the news about Oppo and THL officially denying entry into the Indian market / News of THL / Oppo entering India false etc, etc. I have confirmed this with AndroidGuruz and they have forwarded me email correspondence between them and the Oppo / THL companies.

I am not sure from where/ how some of the blogs got the info that Androidguruz is not authorized. And I am not sure what kind of question they have asked to get this info. As per the forwarded emails between Oppo / THL and Androidguruz, the development is in process and will be finalized soon. Whoever gave the info about “Androidguruz not being authorized” may not be aware of the developments.

Unfortunately some websites have carried on the fake news linking to the source without bothering to cross check. Gizchai also carried the fake news but now have been enlightened.

Here is another link about BBC mentioning Androidguruz which itself is substantial proof about that Androidguruz is not fake.

For now Oppo, THL and some more brands will “soon be available” via Androidguruz.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -