Oppo N1 unveiled comes with 5.9 inch screen and rotating camera

Oppo mobiles have announced Oppo N1 the world’s first smartphone with rotating camera. Oppo is a well known premium brand in China. The smart phone comes with 5.9 inch screen but the key feature is the rotating camera with a 206 degree rotation.

Oppo N1 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon (600) quad core processor clocked at 1.7GHz with Adreno 320 GPU. The handset weighs 213 grams with a 9mm thickness. N1 sails on Android 4.2 with 2GB RAM and optional 16 or 32 GB storage. N1 seems like a single SIM handset.

The IPS screen of capacitive nature is 5.9 inches supporting FHD (1920×1080 pixels) resolution (16M colors). There is just one camera of 13MP resolution with dual mode LED. The same camera can be used as a front camera, by simply rotating it.

There are two more exiting and new features apart from the rotating camera and that is O-Touch and O-Click. There is a rear touch panel that can also be used to scroll, tap, and take pictures. Say if you are browsing a website you can simply slide the finger on the back side top or down to scroll through the web page. There is another feature called the O-Click that gives you an option to control the Camera remotely or trigger an alarm to find your missing phone (up to 50 meters).

Oppo N1

Oppo N1 rotating camera

Oppo N1 O-Touch feature

Other features are 3G, Wi-Fi (5G), GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, OTG support, micro USB and 3.5mm audio jack. The battery is of a good 3610 mAh capacity. Pricing details are not yet known. It is highly unlikely that OPPO will officially launch this in India, but getting any Oppo device in India is still a distant dream.

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  1. XKVNZR says

    rotating camera was in my minds too, seriously not a copied one but may be a teleport of idea from Anil, or anyone who had such thoughts, ye may be.
    In my ideas the rotating part is just similar but a bit shorter.

    The only thing it can called be an innovation ONLY if it Sustains extreme pressures due to usage and withstand all the harshness, and capture all the good shots,
    All this Means flexibility with durability, that’s an innovation.

    Someone reported here, that this phone’s camera got useless in just two months. okok, it can be, cuz its a homegrown ‘Chinese’ phone.

    BUT Samsung S4 is very good at snapping f&b camera photos in one pic at once, and its users will won’t worry.

  2. Swap says

    Dear Gogi Sir,
    Please suggest me an android phone within 20k with atleast the following
    specs : –
    (i) HD(720p or 1080p) display
    (ii) 8MP or better camera
    (iii) quad-core processor
    (iv) 1GB Ram
    (v) and finally, a Digital Compass/Magnetometer

  3. Amar says

    @anil …… rotating cam idea of yours is d best innovation very soon to be copied by allllllll.
    ….. well which mobile u r using?

  4. solanki says

    Hi Android geek’s,

    1st thing m here to Share, I know some of you may already Know and more tech Geek than me.

    We do number of things day to day with our android device.
    The most often thing v do is android OS update.
    which in tearms some times for some devices, the host name or system name got changed. i am not talking about the that name in bluetooth settings…
    It is the name which reflect in wifi network. Few days back i have degraded my android device from JB to ICS, due to which android mobile host name got changed to somthing ” android-f4a558db590xxxxx ” similarly reflecting on my Wi-Fi Router.
    To make it changed i have googled a lot, 95% of results shows to download a app from play store, some results saying u need to do the rooting of device some told to use ADB comands.
    some told to go to Settings > Applications > Development and tap on Device Hostname….. but unable to find it on my device.
    But thats not worth it.

    But today i hv found the solution which i want to share with you guys and help some people out there so that they need not to get lost in web of google..
    To Change the Host Name of android device (ICS) we need to go to

    Settings/More settings/Tethering and portable hotspot/Portable Wi-Fi/Configure/ change here the Network SSID What you like.

  5. ANiLKeraLa says

    @Amar, sometime back when I was active in some chinese company’s fb pages, I had suggested some chinese companies, as a way to reduce manufacturing cost and price of product further, to use Rotating camera or flip display as in handy cam(either the camera fixed display position can be changed or camera position can be changed and display stationary), or maybe even another low cost small display at back and 13MP cam on front, instead of two high quality cams 13MP,5MP.

  6. R.V.RAJU says

    gr8. atlast the owner can do v.call with high clarity. but ur head rotate n fix when u hear the price 😀

  7. y2k says

    oh cmmon…guys ….whats new in this…..my nokia 3250 had rotating camera……n even my nokia 6260 had rotatin display…..they copied old technology of nokia…..this is no way a innovation , just copy of old technology….

    • y2k says

      and also dont forget n93 twited rotating display..nokia innovated all these things way back when technology was not as developd as it is today…6260 was in 2004…..n 3250 was in 2007 or 8 think….

    • sabyasachi says

      I had this phone and it was such a waste, camera stopped working within two months, had got it from US (t-mobile, unlocked it)

  8. rafi says

    rotating camera simply clever thought. in future low price mobiles should use this thing instead of VGA front camera

  9. raj says

    Yes thats what i wanted from a long time Hd Video Calling or chat With Flash light Both ways.. wow.. now no need to adjust the indoor light on face

  10. ANiLKeraLa says

    Rotating camera was in my thoughts for a long time. Instead of two cameras, The same high quality camera can be used as front can by rotating it.