OPPO F7 with notch style display launching soon

OPPO Mobiles is all set to launch a new handset called the OPPO F7 pretty soon. The latest tweet confirms the same and also mentions about the notch screen style that it incorporates. The handset specifications have not yet been revealed.

OPPO F7 will be launched soon, the last handset in the OPPO F series was the OPPO F5, which means that the company has skipped the F6 for some reason. The F7 will come with a full view display, that has become a trend now.

This upcoming OPPO F7 also copies the same Notch style design as seen on the iPhone X. In fact this will not be the only phone, there are few more smartphones that will be launched soon and they too come with the notch screen.

OPPO F7 coming soon

It is said that the F7 will feature a 6.2 inch screen with 19:9 aspect ratio, with full HD+ resolution. We will have to wait for the full specifications that will be revealed at the time of launch. Most likely the company may launch the OPPO F7 in March.

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