The upcoming OnePlus 5T handset will come with a 3.5mm audio jack, Pete Lau founder and CEO of OnePlus has confirmed this. One thing is for sure the OP5T is the next handset that OnePlus will launch, as of now no official dates have been announced.

On the official OnePlus forum Pete has mentioned that they are going to keep the 3.5mm audio jack on the OnePlus 5T handset as they think that majority of users would be using it to connect their standard headphones.

Removing the 3.5mm audio jack and instead using the USB  Type C for audio output would have helped their designer create a more slimmer OnePlus 5T, however as per their survey the OnePlus communities wanted a audio jack and about 80% voted for it.

OnePlus 5T audi jack

OnePlus 5T will be launched soon, no dates disclosed but recent leaks have given us enough info about what to expect on the OnePlus 5T.