Get ready for the OnePlus 5, this handset will be first launched on June 20th (online event) and then on 22nd June it will be officially launched in India. The OnePlus 5 is Snapdragon 835 octa core powered handset and it comes with an enhanced camera.

Those waiting to buy a OnePlus handset, it makes sense to wait few more days. On 22nd the OnePlus 5 will be officially unveiled. If you visit the OnePlusstore they have already mentioned the date with a tagline – ‘Focus on What Matters‘.

The OnePlus 5 India launch event will start at 2:00PM onwards. On the OnePlusstore page they also have an SMS alert options that anyone can subscribe to. You will not only get alert about the event / OnePlus 5 but you will also get a chance to win a OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 India Launch date and details

There are about five OnePlus 5 to be won and the results will be announced on 30th June via Facebook. So go ahead and set the SMS alert and stay tuned for the Official OnePlus 5 launch in India.

If you are a OnePlus fan you can also attend the event in India, Mumbai, you will need to purchase the tickets for the launch event from on 12th. Those who attend will get gift hampers and OnePlus Merchandise.

@evleaks has confirmed that the OnePlus 5 with 8GB RAM will be launched in India and it will be an Amazon Exclusive.

Block your date, OnePlus 5 India Launch date is 22nd June.

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  1. Just saw the back design and One plus has copied Iphone 7 design. Could have designed it with some originality instead.

  2. If price is about 32k for 64 GB, then it ll be a steal for a true flagship standard phone at par with LG G6 And samsung S8. And at that price point so sense in going for any other phone. My take.

  3. Invite box & Welcome Pack..? How we will get it after paying..? will they deliver it through courier..?

  4. Some serious competition going in smartphone category now….. Good for us customers….. But indian brands will learn nothing from this.. Maybe another rebranded phone is waiting for launch No innovation at all.

  5. If it is being launched on 22 June means, when would they start selling it in India.. May we expect @ 1st week of July 2017?

    1. I will be getting it today, flipkart tracking says, out for delivery, so today I will come up with unboxing video and in few days most likely on Saturday will come out will full review.

    1. If OP5 launches for 30K then OP3T will get price drop. Else OP5 will be priced 33-35K atleast. Because OP confirmed they’ll sell OP3T till december 2017 atleast.

    2. In another website it was mentioned that it may cost 550 euro. Maybe priced below 40 k in India.

    1. Nothing yet, but should be well under Rs. 35,000, if it is 30K that will be a surprise, Lets see.