The OnePlus 3 will be officially launched on June 14th. The next flagship from OnePlus will also be unveiled via the VR experience. Users can use any VR device and experience the launch event live as it happens.

There is more, first of all the Loop VR app is now available, you can download the same and it will be required to view the event with a VR headset (you can use any VR headset). The next thing is that the company has integrated VR shopping, the first of its kind into the app. So users will be able to book the flagship via VR shopping.

Also OnePlus will not be using the invite system, yes OnePlus 3 will be Invite free right from the day it is launched. There will be no invite system for future OnePlus product launches.

VR Loop app from OnePlus download it

The OnePlus 3 will be launched on 14th June 2016 at 12:30 Eastern Time – In India it will be at 10:00 PM, stay tuned.

Download the OnePlus VR Loop app.

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