Nubia today rolled out software update on their Nubia Z9 Mini smartphone. This update will add VoLTE functionality and will also enhance camera capabilities. Z9 Mini was launched in India in 2015 and is powered by Snapdragon 615 processor.

If you are using the Nubia Z9 Mini you can update the handset, the update will enable VoLTE, so you can use your reliance SIM and make calls directly via the default dialer using Reliance 4G networks. This is not a OTA update.

Apart from VoLTE supported the update also adds frame interaction technology wherein users can control the phone through screen edges. The update will also improve the camera performance. Nubia Z9 Mini will be running Nubia 4.0 UI.

To update your Z9 Mini visit the Nubia link and check support & Download, and download the ROM from the ROM section. Follow the steps as mentioned to update.

Nubia Z9 Mini VoLTE support

If you have the Nubia Z9 Mini handset and have updated, do leave your feedback below.

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  1. Is it possible to have the previous camera app.. Has anyone backed up the old stock ROM

  2. those who downloaded Nubia z9 mini update(899mb approximately),those guys go to sys update and select update by local directory and select the location where the zip file is downloaded and select that zip file. days it. keep the the mobile aside for while and make sure that your mobile is fully charged before update the mobile and the cam quality is poor after tink before you udate

  3. Awesome!!!
    Very very special upgrade…VoLTE worked proper….

  4. I have got upgraded.volte fit technoLogy is awesome. But contacts picture is displaying a very little. Pl tell us full or bigger images for incoming and out going calls.
    Xnubiaui3.9 gives that option but volte and other options are missing in that.

      1. please confirm dear zte z9mini nx511j is upgradable marsmallow android 6.0? but you ask yes so please given the link please. or VoLTE update capable ?

      2. I download the update in my mobile, however unable to update it, could you provide step by step how to update it.

  5. The update is in beta, device heats up a lot, worst part is it will ask for restart if we toggle data. Went back to Chinese official rom by navin in XDA developers site. Pretty nice except for Chinese letters at some places, which is okay for me.

  6. Hello Sir,

    I have Nubia Z9 mini. I downloaded the latest update from their Site and updated the phone accordingly. Now everything is working fine except the Launcher. Whenever i try to make other launchers (Eg- NOVA, ZEN, C-Launcher etc) as my default, The Nubia Launcher changes it and it becomes default.

    I would like to know , if there is any way to disable nubia launcher and have our preferred one?

  7. Now I have downloaded z9 mini update file of 898mb zip file but I don’t know how to install anyone plz tell me

  8. In Nubia Z9 Mini, after latest update, whenever changing data connection from SIM 1 to SIM2 or SIM2 to SIM1, system asked to reboot. Any solution for this ?

  9. After updation when I use camera in macro mode, there seems some red lines on the boundaries of object.

    1. Those lines show the borders of the object that you’re focusing, that’s a feature.

      1. I have downloaded the zip file after that I unzipped it but I can’t find the file to install,also memory says that the file already present,what to do.

    1. U R the first and only person who doesn’t like updates in Nubia Z9mini.. I just can’t stopped myself for laughing…. After updating from Nubia website, it’s awesome now… It’s like new phone and completely changed….. Update size is 1.5gb….

        1. Oops, yes it’s 898 mb…. Sorry coz I updated it quite long time back but go ahead its awesome…

  10. Every time when I change the data connection from 1 sim to another. It is asking to reboot the phone. Also screen mirroring option is missing.

  11. Option for screen mirroring removed. Is there any good third party application for mirroring screen on tv

        1. Go to the link given and select roms. This is the name of the update NX511J_Z69_EN_CSXPK1JF00K404(beta). It’s 898 mb update. download it.

          1. Yes, I too updated My Z9mini as per the link given by Gogi ji…. I simply downloded the ROM and installed it. Now I must say everthing is Awesome….. Yes Nubia Music player was missing , thanks Raghav, for providing link for Downloading Nubia Music Player apk file… I never thought that ZTE will provide such wonderfull updates for its 3 year old phone…..

  12. Volte work perfectly, camera is better than before..UI is superior and music player also updated…thanks gogi air

    1. I couldn’t find the music player.
      The older one was also not present after updating. They have given Google play music.

          1. You are right Chandu. I really did mistake by upgrading. The stock was much better. I really miss the camera and music.

  13. I had updated my Nubia z9 mini. UI completely changed. Camera interface changed. Quick toggles also changed. I don’t like nubia launcher. Previously I use Zen launcher. I liked it. But it is not working after update. Is also updated to 5.1.1. Thanks gogi for information.

    1. Upon updation I observed the following:
      -previously the camera was awesome, now it become average
      -previously its image editor has so many options like Photoshop,now they gone

      1. You’re the only person who says this. The camera is amazing now. Low light photos are great and also macro shots are great now unlike the past performance but I agree that image editor and poster creater option is removed.

        1. Me agree with Durga… Camera was awesome before updation.
          Now camera is like cheap Chinese phone.. No natural colors, no sharpness.
          Front camera disappointing very much.. Only brightness. .. Nothing much

        2. I am also agree with durga.
          Camera was better before updation . Now camera is cheap. Camera clarity far better before. Is there anything to do to get earlier camera clarity with new update.

  14. Waiting for ur review for the Nubia N1 64gb version as I m interested to buy that device bcoz of 13mp front cam & 5000mah battery wid 64gb inbuilt storage @just 12499.Will Buy the Device after ur review sir.

      1. Redmi 4 sucks. Get Nubia N1 for better camera, battery and better audio/ media experience through headphones as most companies neglect audio aspect in phones but not nubia.

        1. I am using nubia z9 mini and quality is very good, camera, sound, however software support is very slow, as you can see after 2 years they have released updates. On the other hand xiaomi phone provide better hardware and software support, little compromise with camera.

    1. Buy it already man! I don’t game on mobile phones, so can’t tell about graphics accomplishments. Switched to N1 from Le2. Not regretting it a bit. The battery, camera, audio through jack and few gesture features are noteworthy.

      @Gogi Please review it sir, for your followers

    2. Thanks Prosenajit Bro, I was waiting for 64gb Variant of Nubia N1 from its launched date but was getting only 32gb variant. Now I placed order to 64gb (Black+Gold) variant…. Expected delivery date 14Feb… Don’t want to buy RN4 due to BAD camera….. I don’t know why some people are crazy for RN4… For me, it’s completely let down…..

  15. Sir, Thanks for this valuable information. I have updated my Nubia z9 mini. Volte is supported. Every z9 mini Indian user must update this. This is huge improvement in user interface, camera, Network, smat gesture also in every section of OS.

  16. Sir pl advice how to update. I have down loaded z9 mini in ROM section. It is almost 899 mb. And when I am trying to open it. It is showing there is no app to open it Pl help me.

  17. Thank you gogi. I am a user if nubia z9 mini. I downloaded the update. Thanks a lot for information. I didn’t expect an update from nubia, as I did not get any update sinse 2 years, thanks for info.

  18. Almost all old snapdragon 80X and 6XX series are volte supported.. But companies are not bothered about old devices..!

  19. Camera is much more improved. It was good before, now it has become awesome. The front camera is giving better quality than Oppo F1 now. Sim activation and deactivation option has been added. Volte is super fast.

    1. I will am planning to get that but it will be a bit delayed thanks to Lenovo K6 power issue (you will know about it tomorrow when the review will be live).

  20. Every responsible company should give volte update as soon as possible, jio call app for calling is a bit cumbersome.

    1. Volte is not only based on software the hardware should support it so not all 4g phones can get volte update

      1. Honor 5c has VoLTE capable hardware, but till now they’re not provided VoLTE update. They just don’t care about it.

        1. I am also waiting for it as I own a Honor 5C. The Honor community said that the VOLTE update should be up by the end of January, still nothing. The Honor 5X has got it already, now by this month Honor 5C should get it. Also the Jio4Gvoice app works with outbound calls but am not able to receive inbound calls.

          1. “Our Tech team is working on enabling VoLTE support on your device. You should be receiving the update by end of April 2017”.I got this reply from Honor club India, let’s hope for the best.

          2. Well then probably they will directly give the Nougat update with EMUI 5 which will ofcourse have the Volte feature as they have started rolling out this update for some 100 testers (Volunteers) for a Honor 5C model with the specific build no.