Nokia says I’ll be back!

The most loved Nokia Brand will be back. Nokia has signed intellectual property licensing agreement and strategic brand giving HMD global Oy (HMD) grant to create next generation Nokia devices – Tablets and Mobiles.

Nokia’s official website has posted an article that will answer your question, the questions that all of you have been asking, when will Nokia be back? Pretty soon, the brand will return into the mobile and tablet segment with the same quality and trust that users had experienced.

But there is more, the one thing that many wanted and did get to some extent, yes the Android OS on Nokia. The new Nokia smartphones / tablets will be running latest Android OS. As per the company there is a lot of work for HMD and it is going to take time.

Nokia is coming back, soon

In return for branding + Cellular standard essential patent licenses, HMD will be paying royalty to Nokia also Nokia will not make any investments or holding equity in HMD.

More details check out the Nokia site.

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