As the new year is nearing you will find may sites offering special discounts and coming up with exciting offers / deals. Here are some deals / offers / top bargains you can check on GearBest. What to look for? 65% off, top bargains and product add-ons for $0.99.

GearBest has created a special new year 2018 promotional page. There you will find promo that are already running and promos that will run later on. You get an idea about the products, if interested you can buy during the promo period with special discounts.

Apart from this there is lucky new year bags with surprise product inside the bag, if price is really low then maybe you can make a purchase. But the most exciting thing is the product add on. For any order over %60 you can get 1 add-on for just $0.99.

GearBest 2018 offers and special discounts

You can check the products that you can get as add-ons. Plus there are some special sales do check these out. Check for more on the Gearbest website.

If you are shopping on Gearbest make sure to go with priority line shipping, for faster and in most cases custom free delivery (note not all products can be shipped via that method).

Check this post about products you can buy for under Rs. 6000 – and since the New Year 2018 sale in on, you might get the same for a much lower price.