Motorola launching something on 28th July, they have already sent out invites they probably might unveil the Moto G / X 3rd Gen smartphones. The event is scheduled on 28th in New Delhi.

It most likely could be the Moto G Gen 3 and the Moto X Gen 3, in fact there are already leaked images floating about these handsets on the net. Though nothing official about it, the Moto G Gen 3 could comes with a 5 inch screen with HD resolution and it could be powered by snapdragon quad core processor. The 3rd Gen Moto G will be loaded with 1GB / 2GB RAM and 8GB /16GB storage.

The Moto X Gen 3 as per rumor may come powered by snapdragon chipset with 32GB storage and 3Gigs of RAM. This handset could also come with USB Type C support.

Motorola new Moto launch on 28th July

Well better wait for the official launch on 28th, stay tuned.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -