Moto Stream is a unique gadget that can be plugged into any music system creating a wireless environment. You can then use your tablet, computer or your smartphone to stream music wirelessly onto the music system.

You have a smartphone and an excellent music system, how about streaming musical content from your smartphone. You can do it by plugging (wired) the handset to the audio system or use the Moto Stream to create wireless environment and play music on your smartphone that in turn will play on the audio system with definitely awesome effects.

The Moto Stream comes with light indicator and is compatible with smartphones running Windows, Android and iOS. Stream weight is 100 grams. For audio connection there is a 3.5mm jack to RCA convertor included. You can also connect it to standard 3.5mm port.

The Stream supports NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 – the effective Bluetooth range is about 300 feet. This stream can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. The Moto Stream is available for a price of $49.99.

Moto Stream free the music

Tip: Rohit Kumar.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -