Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Moto G dual SIM handset in India came much faster than anticipated. The update is now available via OTA (Over the Air). File size is 230MB and it takes about 5 to 7 minutes to update after the file is downloaded.

Before you update make sure to keep the battery level over 50%, better still if it’s over 75%. You can check the Moto G with Android 4.3 review here.

Here is a brief Moto G review after the KitKat update

  • The data / apps that you have installed are retained, nothing is lost.
  • The user interface is the same you will hardly notice any difference before and after the update.
  • OTG is supported and you get a notification too. And when you use a file manager app you do get the USBDISK option. With Android 4.3 we never got the notification and one had to navigate into multiple folders to access the pendrive content. Well on KitKat OTG works out of the box. You can copy data from Phone onto the Pendrive using OTG.
  • Camera interface is the same, nothing new. Camera quality seems a little better. The HDR if set in auto mode (camera will shoot in HDR when applicable) improves the picture quality.
  • I have not used the handset much after the KitKat update, but battery backup looks good almost as on Jelly Bean 4.3.
  • Performance is near about the same as experienced with Android 4.3.
  • GPS lock is fast as it was before (almost instant and works indoors too).
  • Internal storage is 5.52GB and of the 1GB RAM available free RAM is 429MB free.

Moto G with Android 4.4 kitkat

Benchmark Score

With Android 4.3 With Android 4.4
Quadrant Standard – 8673 Quadrant Standard – 8688
AnTuTu – 17194 AnTuTu – 17275
Vellamo – HTML5 1937, Metal 522 Vellamo – HTML5 1270, Metal 528
Nenamark 2 – 56.9 fps Nenamark 2 – 58 fps

As for gaming all the games that played on the 4.3 will work on the 4.4 version too. If you have noticed the FPS is a little better on with KitKat 4.4.2 Strange that Vellamo HTML5 is lower but other benchmarks are close enough.

Go ahead and get the update done. It also makes sense as future Motorola updates/ fixes will be on the Android 4.4. OTG works and your data / apps are retained (but it would be better to take a backup just in case). Camera quality seems to have improved.

Moto G is available on Flipkart.

Moto G Sample image after KitKat update

Moto G with KitKat review video

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  1. Should I buy moto g 1 or not because some reviews are saying it’s speaker and mic quality is not good. It doesn’t have good signal strength.
    It is not finding sim voice was getting shattered from speaker as per flipkart customer reviews etc.

  2. Your reviews are really good. I want to purchase Moto G, but I’ve a concern about its reported tendency to prefer 2G over 3G. Has this issue been solved by Motorola? Pls let me know.

  3. My moto G is good and handling is smooth, but one thing that is annoying me is when I take pictures with flash in low light condition, the pictures turn out reddish in colour!! I updated latest version of camera but still the pictures are reddish in low light, please help me.

  4. Will I have storage related problems if I install 2-3 large games like asphalt 8 on an 8GB version? Also does OTG work out of the box regardless of the fact that the version is 4.4 or 4.3?

  5. gogi ji is all moto g handsets have network problem…many people complaining that they are facing these network problem…?

      1. thank u gogi ji…now if moto g have this network issue, should I go for it or wait for sometime after motorola fixed it?
        what do u think ?

          1. Flipkart stop selling moto g for couple of days for this network that true? now it is available in flipkart…

  6. XOLO Q1100
    Moto G

    which one is perfect in all over performance ?
    plz tell me Sir !

  7. Dear gogi ,
    Based on review i bought moto g 16 gb . i m using this since 2 week,it,s give a lag free performance.i m very much satisfied with it,Great phone ..
    i hv to buy another phone in next month, I hv short out, HTC Desire 816,Grand 2,Panasonic P81,& Sony Xperia T2,Which one u recommend ,For me sound Quality will be the main factor.
    Thxs in advance

    1. Siddharath, did you try using the Sony or Samsung earphones with Moto G, if not try it.

        1. Great and I hope the quality is much, much better than using the Moto G earphone.