Microsoft has already started rolling out updates on some selected Lumia models. This is an over the air update that adds 4G functionality on selected Lumia smartphones. Unfortunately it looks like only the 1800 band will be available and there will be no support for 2300 band.

The following smartphones in the Lumia series the Lumia 625, 830, 920, 925, 930, 1320 and 1520 will get the update that will enable 1800 FDD LTE support. Even with this update users in India will not be able to use 4G, cause as of now the network providers are using TDD-LTE 2300 band.

Some users might have already got the update and in case you have not, you will get the notification within few days / weeks. This update only enables 4G feature and does not include any thing else like bug update / additional features etc.

Microsoft lumia update to enable 4G on selected models

Let us know if you are using any of the above listed handset and if you have got the notification/ updated.

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  1. Why the he’ll you people buy windows or ios os phones.see such stupid things happen all the time.where as android is concerned you get updates all the time.if not official then there are plenty unofficial ones. For example the tab market is started by Samsung Galaxy tab gtp was released in 2010. AND it was with 512 ram and 1ghz single processor.but you know it’s ready for Android m.what else you need from this godly Google os .haaaaaaah.

    1. I want the ios undo action shake no no to undo editing in android. That will be a big plus for business users.

    2. Can you tell me the number of phones which gets updates.. official or un official. I have a Lenova tab which is still stuck at 4.1 JB. No updates whatsoever!!

      My brother has an Acer A500 with tegra 2 processor and same case with this also.

      And if some device gets these unofficial updates.. there will be n number of issues/bugs with it. The samsung tab you told will not even run Chrome Browser with multiple tabs open.

      The same is the case with almost 90% of Android devices. Whereas Windows Phones and IPhones are updated to latest version always.

      I also have a 4 year 820 which is updated with WP 10 preview version now.

  2. This 1800 band may seem useless now but after Reliance Jio launches 4G by end of 2015, it will be the most important. As they have the highest 4G penetration in India even in small cities and towns.

  3. Windows phone seems to be doomed! They follow things slower. The rigid and microsoft styled forced UI sucks big time. Their metro UI seems ugli and alows slower actions.Had they copied the flexible android interface they were far better in sales. Let customer dominate too 🙂

    1. The UI doesn’t really matters coz no one buys Windows phone other than noobs.

  4. Gogi bhai,
    As you have said
    (as of now the network providers are using TDD-LTE 2300 band)
    So will in future 1800 band will be provided by the service provider in India or not.
    Since I am planning to buy a lumia phone so plz help me to clear my doubt

    1. No buddy, not in near future…Govt has only released 2300 Mhz till now but they are planning to launch 700 and 1800 maybe in next 2-3 years.

      1. Dude, Reliance jio is launching 4G in both bsnds 2300 and 1800. Maharashta will have dual band network. Be sure about this.

        1. hi

          First of all you understand R Jio will launch 4 g in both bands 2300 and 1800 in 14 circles where they have both bands in that i see in r jio towers have 2 type ( 6 receivers) receivers for 1800 and 2300 2300 for fixed 4g modem only data FDD and 1800 for TDD and voice for mobile users

    1. Honestly i had lumia 610 and it sucked big time. Who ever i gave it to use returned me back within 1 day. No company considering that phone for exchange, even nokia 3000 feature phone as 1500 discount when using exchange offers.

      All windows phone below v8 has call issue and ussd issue. You cannot see your balance you cannot use your best offer available via ussd coz u are not able to options.

      They were horrible in giving any updates for issues.

      Till microsoft will try dominating customers in smatphones are they will keep getting colder response.
      Just compare honestly the productivity of android with wondows phone and u know what i mean.

  5. Got it on my Lumia 1020….seems like for using 4G i need to visit Germany now..:p

    1. Dear if it’s get the update in future still it’s doesn’t help us, as gogi say update enable 1800 band not the 2300 band which Indian network provider’s use for 4G.