The Micromax YU Yureka handset flash sales will start today at 2PM on first come first basis on You should have already registered for the sales. Though Micromax is following the same flash sales strategy as followed by Xiaomi, it is a bit different. SOLD out – Next sale is on 22nd January 2PM.

You will need to login before the 2PM sales start as there will be many users wanting to buy one. Registrations for today’s sales started from 19th December and closed at a later date. The registrations for the next sales probably will be disclosed today. All the users who could resister for today’s sales can attempt to purchase the Yureka.

This flash sale will be different from what we have experienced with Xiaomi on Flipkart. If you manage to add the Yureka to your cart on you will get 15 minutes to make the payments, in case you fail you will miss the opportunity. The same will be passed to the next person or the person in queue (waiting list).

yureka sales todat at 2PM

Yes there is this waiting list concept wherein if there are many users adding the handset to their cart and if there are still other registered users wanting to buy one, they can join the wait-list and wait, because if within 15 minutes the person who added the unit to their cart is unable to make the payment the same will be passed to the next person in waiting list as per the queue, the person in the waiting list will get 3 minutes to add the unit to their cart and if they do that they will get another 15 minutes to make the payment, if they fail to do so, the opportunity is passed to the next person who is interested.

This is a very good and honest method. In general there is a confirmed sales and those who want it will get it, if the stocks are available.

Xiaomi counts the sales when the unit is added in the users cart, even when the payment is not made. There surely will be many who would have added the unit but failed to make the payments. The possible scenario with Xiaomi sales – It was counted as a sale, person who added did not make the payment, those wanting did not get it and the stock is still with Flipkart.

With Yureka / the case is completely different. So let us know if you managed to get one. I will also try getting one for the review. I failed to get one.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -