Micromax manufacturing Mobiles in India

The second largest mobile brand in India, Micromax Mobiles as of now are manufacturing Mobiles, Tablets and TV’s in India. They have a plant in Rudrapur – Uttarakhand, India. They started off with LED TV’s and tablets and a few months back have also started manufacturing mobiles.

Manufacturing their own mobile will not only make the company self reliable but it will also help come up with competing pricing, better after sales supports – since they will readily have the spare parts and of course the made in India tag.

We are not sure as of now if Micromax are into full fledge manufacturing or they are just assembling the handsets. But nevertheless it is a good initiative.

The latest handset that was launched by Micromax namely the Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 created a good buzz a few days back but the specifications have disappointed many. The Doodle 3 is price at Rs. 8,500 and it is a trimmed down version in the Doodle family.

Micromax Mobile, TV, Tablet Manufacturing plant in India

To maintain the current position, Micromax needs to do more, bring in better hardware, new and attractive design and with a price tag that will make the users happy.


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