The second largest mobile brand in India, Micromax Mobiles as of now are manufacturing Mobiles, Tablets and TV’s in India. They have a plant in Rudrapur – Uttarakhand, India. They started off with LED TV’s and tablets and a few months back have also started manufacturing mobiles.

Manufacturing their own mobile will not only make the company self reliable but it will also help come up with competing pricing, better after sales supports – since they will readily have the spare parts and of course the made in India tag.

We are not sure as of now if Micromax are into full fledge manufacturing or they are just assembling the handsets. But nevertheless it is a good initiative.

The latest handset that was launched by Micromax namely the Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 created a good buzz a few days back but the specifications have disappointed many. The Doodle 3 is price at Rs. 8,500 and it is a trimmed down version in the Doodle family.

Micromax Mobile, TV, Tablet Manufacturing plant in India

To maintain the current position, Micromax needs to do more, bring in better hardware, new and attractive design and with a price tag that will make the users happy.

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  1. No excise means that cost will come down….. Although parts would be mainly brought from overseas so they would pay customs duty but for value addition they will not pay the differential excise….. So cost may come down at about 5-6 percent

  2. Finally Micromax is going to be the better than any other indian brand now we dont need to worry about after sales support because the spare parts will be easily available now my mind is changing to go for micromax thank you Gogi sir for this Wonderful News

  3. their plant is in Rudrapur. not in rudraprayag. Some of my friends are working there in mmx.

      1. Making a plant in uttarakhand gives them exemption from central excise duty…… Thus the plant is set up there

  4. GoGi sir,

    i am your fan and read your reviews on daily basis.
    I think the city is Rudrapur, UK not rudraprayag.

  5. OnePlus Company of China announced its first flagship phone named “One”. 3GB RAM. WOW!!!!. Android 4.4 with 4G LTE @2300mhz. It will get released in Q2 2014 around 18 to 20k INR.
    Micromax launch phones like One. Then we will say “Nothing like Anything”

  6. we will be really proud when other country’s people say our mobile is Indian rebranded….

  7. I think prices of their mobiles will go up,even Nokia has been manufacturing mobiles in india and their mobiles are costly.

  8. I hope then their phones will be more cheap as they don’t have to pay import duty anymore !

  9. Now i wonder thats why these days there are no. Of complaints are on rampant about Micromax mobiles.. 😀

  10. Made in India. That’d be great, first pure Indian mobile handset manufacturer if they’re not just assembling handsets with components from China 🙂

    1. what do you say that Nokia are made in chennai plant? heard about asha mobiles made in chennai..

  11. Indian companies including MMX are past masters at this game, it is called SCREW DRIVER TECHNOLOGY…unfortunately all it gets them is the tax holidays and income tax holidays. Sure enough as suggested by you, MMX need to do MORE,,,,otherwise the mobile market even in India is very cruel. Only the real guys will stand..MMX will not be able to ride piggyback of stolen/borrowed designs.

  12. it’s nothing like anything…
    doodle 3 proved it..
    now do some serious business.. BOL

  13. micromax or any indian company cant manufacture mobile. They must rely on others in case of different modules in the mobiles like camera etc, the other brands are also not different or even chinees manufacturers they are also assembling things, the one micromax can do is they can create their own mobile designs, inhouse software team for tuning android, cam manufacture some key components, own physical design and assembling itself is a good initiative.

  14. Now those guy will stop commenting ‘Micromax is a china company’

    Really its a proud moment for INDIA
    & I hope they will stop rebranding

  15. Get your facts right Gogi

    Sony is currently the second largest mobile brand in India … not MMX

    Micromax is now even behind than Apple(which is third largest in India )

  16. Good to go mmx.
    Gogi sir I think doodle 3 is manufactured by them itself, it is nt a rebranded phone…wt yu say???

  17. Well said Gogi in the last lines. I had been a huge MMX fan and have convinced many friends to buy MMX. Well, that was an era of Canvas HD / Magnus. Apart from HD and Magnus most models launched by Micromax don’t justify the need.

    Knight is actually may be a good device but again here they messed up huge in distribution and manufacturing. Still no pieces on show in local stores and on MMX website it’s out of stock since ages. I called their customer service but even they don’t know exactly when the phone will be back in stock.

    And Android 4.4 update.. another sad story. Lava and Xolo are at least promising 4.4 update with their phones, and actually have a good history of providing OTA updates.

    Now I’m ceasing to expect miracles from MMX. They are just failing too much with latest releases. A pig phone? REALLY???

  18. Whatever MMX is not doing good now a days. Just trashing market with so much of mobile phones with absolute no quality. Their latest Canvas Knight is famous for overheating and poor camera quality.

    Another example is their software update. When we had an OTA update to Canvas 4 and other phones?. The latest android according to them is 4.2.1