Micromax Joy X1800 and X1850 feature phone launched for under Rs. 800

Micromax today launched two ultra low cost feature phones, the Micromax Joy X1800 for Rs. 699 and the Micromax Joy X1850 for Rs. 799. The unique part about this handset is nothing to do with the device, rather it’s the packing a unique pouch style packing.

Both these handsets are listed on the Micromax official website and will be available within few days. The Joy X1800 sports a 1.7 inch TFT screen with 160 x 128 pixels resolution. It’s a bar type phone with alphanumeric keypad.

A basic phone with dual SIM support. It also comes with a 0.08MP camera, micro SD card support of up to 4GB and internal memory of 35K. Handset supports Bluetooth, FM radio and comes with a 750 mAh battery. Micromax Joy X1800 is priced at Rs. 699.

Micromax Joy X1850 sports a 1.7 inch screen with 160 x 128 pixels resolution. It also comes with alpha numeric keypad. There is a 0.08MP camera on the rear. Other features are Bluetooth, 4GB external card support and FM radio.

Micromax Joy X1800 and X1850 launched for under Rs. 800

The key attraction on dual SIM X1850 is the marathon battery of 1800 mAh capacity that gives up to 7.5 hours talk time and up to 642 hours of standby time. The Micromax Joy X1850 is priced at Rs. 799.

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