The Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 was recently launched in India and what made it attractive was the octa core processor with a price tag of ₹5,999. An octa core for under ₹6K sounds attractive, but is this handset really worth it? Read the full review.

Xpress 2 unboxing
Inside the box you will find the Xpress 2 handset (Model E313), screen guard, user guide, warranty card, data cable, travel charger (5v ~ 1.5A), earphone and battery of 2500 mAh capacity. SAR value as mentioned on the box : 0.54 W/kg @ 1g (head) and 0.48 W/kg @ 1g (body).

Design and Display
The Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 looks really cool. I bought the Black and Champagne colour variant, the colour combination worked really well giving it a very royal look. On top of it the build quality and finishing is very good.

Weight with battery is 135 grams and dimensions are 69.62 x 140.25 x 9.16 (mm). Body is made of plastic and rear side is with a matte finish, soft to touch and non-slippery. The back is flat by curvier on the side, handset is comfortable to hold.

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 review and unboxing

Power button + volume rocker is placed on the right side, audio jack on the top and micro USB port at the bottom. There are dual mics for noise cancellation. There is a single speaker and the speaker vent is located at the bottom along with USB port.

The Xpress 2 E313 sports a 5 inch screen (HD IPS) supporting 1280 x 720 pixels, with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Colour reproduction, viewing angles are good. Touch response is very good.

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 review

This is a dual SIM handset – there are 2 micro SIM slots. Both the slot supports 3G. There is LED notification and native video calling is supported. There are good number of sensors accelerometer, proximity, light, gyro and magnetic – usually you don’t find so many sensors on a Micromax handset, specially on smartphones priced under ₹8k.

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 dual SIM slots

Memory, storage and OS
The Xpress 2 comes packed with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage along with micro SD card slot. On the first boot you will get around 4.1GB free storage space and 502MB free RAM. Apps by default are getting installed on internal storage and there is no option to move them to external SD card. OTG works, you can connect external pen drives.

Canvas Xpress 2 E313 is running Android KitKat 4.4.2 out of the box. Though on the box it is mentioned that the handset is upgradable to Android Lollipop, I am not sure how much time that will take.

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 hands on

Performance and Benchmark
Though this handset is octa core powered it is using the 32 bit MediaTek MT6592 1.4GHz cortex A7 chipset (kind of outdated) coupled with Mali 450 MP GPU. Performance is smooth, lag free and handset heat up is normal (max battery temp I encountered was 41 degrees).


Benchmark App Score
Quadrant 11603
Antutu (32 bit) 1st – 27307 , 2nd – 27475
Nenamark 2 58.6fps
Multi touch 10 point

I played Asphalt 8, in high visual quality mode. It was playable but was smoother in Medium quality mode – even gaming controls were better. Hardware is powerful but since apps/ games are getting installed on the internal storage you will run out of free space.

A 13MP AF camera with flash is packed on the rear and a 2MP camera on the front. Rear camera can shoot FHD videos. Camera quality is above average however it takes time focusing the subject and not able to focus near close up objects that many smartphones can. Do check the sample images and videos at the end of this review.

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 13MP AF camera with dual LED flash

Sound quality is good but sound volume is slightly lower than when compared with other smartphones, but good enough. In-call sound clarity is also pretty good. No issues found with 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. GPS lock was pretty fast (under 10 seconds).

The handset comes pre-loaded with many apps you can remove them if needed.

The 2500 mAh battery does a good job. I faced battery calibration issue. The % drop was faster at higher battery level and much slower at lower levels. For my daily mixed usage the handset easily lasted for almost one and a half day.

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 2500 mAh removable battery

Performance Time Battery drop % Battery Max Temp
Benchmark 13 Minutes 8% 35 degree
Gaming (Asphalt 8) 20 Minutes 12% 40 degree
FHD movie play with full brightness + Wi-Fi on 32 minutes 19% 41 degree
Wall Charge (on standby) 3 hours 5 minutes 4% to 100% (wall charge) 35 degree

No doubt the Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 is a very good handset for the price but it is not the best. It comes with outdated specs (32 bit hardware) and outdated Kitkat (32 bit software), but still very good for price tag of ₹5,999. Also do note the Xpress 2 comes with 3G / 2G support only – 4G is not supported.

If you are looking for something latest then better invest in smartphone with 64 bit hardware with 4G support – the price difference is not much. But in case you are happy with 3G then the Xpress 2 is a very good option.

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 is available on Flipkart for ₹5,999.

Xpress 2 Image Gallery

Rear camera sample

Front camera sample

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 video review

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  1. Hi Gogi,
    First of all your review was awesome.. thumbs up.
    My requirement is to have a good display and a very good camera and I’m not at all a heavy user I rarely find time to use phone, so what do you say is it a good choice? *rear cam is the most important requirement to me. please suggest

  2. Hello gogi sir
    Can u please tell
    from( xpress2 and redme 2) which has better audio quality via earphones

  3. Hello Gogi Ji, n Frnds,
    those who r using xpress 2. did they facing battery problem?
    As Gogi says “The % drop was faster at higher battery level and much slower at lower levels”
    or any update fix it? pls share ur views

    1. Hi praveen kumar,
      I own a Canvas Xpress 2 and it’s battery consumption is fine,firstly you do have to see that the screen resolution is high and the dpi too is good so obviously for a good color reproduction,which it indeed does,a bit of battery is consumed but you will not find any problem with mixed to modrately heavy will definitely last you a day.

      (P.S. I have seen people not completely closing an app after they have exited from it by using then multitasking button.Therefore,keeping background tasks willl definitely cost you more juice than normal so i do suggest that you completely close al apps to get good battery life.

  4. New MMX C Xpress 2 devices come preinstalled with Android Lollipop 5.1.0. Older devices can be upgaded to lollipop. Gogi, plz review lollipop OS.

  5. Pls tell me how to update the phone in to lollipop version? Micromax official website show that MMX xpress 2 has 5.1 version.

  6. Hi Gogi,

    I m not sure about the format (HD, UHD, AVI, h.263, h.264, MPEG, etc.) of Mahabharat videos in Hotstar app.

    Query: Can I play these videos clearly in Canvas Xpress 2 by downloading the Hotstar app?

    This phone is in my budget and if it can play these videos, then I want to buy this phone.


    1. You can play that easily on any handsets, it will work on Xpress 2 and will look good on 720p screen but the quality will depend on your net connection also. If your net connection is slow then low quality videos will be streamed and you will see low quality output even on a 720p screen. But if your net connection is fast you will get much better quality.

  7. I have faced a problem that my micromax xpress 2 phone gets switched off automatically at night when i charge it , there is little bit charge in it how to solve this problem pls help

  8. can it play ultra hd videos????….i heard that mt6592 chipset is capable of ultra hd playback and capture…gogi please tell me,,,whether you tried ultra hd or not

    1. Not all phones (even octa cores) can play UHD 4K videos. There are very few phones that can and it it does it will be mentioned in the review.

      1. Gogi bhaiya, want to buy a phone which can play uhd 4k videos (such as the new mahabharat in hotstar app). Does Canvas Xpress 2 suits my this requirement?

        1. No this cannot play 4K. You will need snapdragon 801 powered phones some are available for under 15K like the Infocus M810.

          1. you can play 2k videos in mx player in s/w mode smoothly because mali 450 supports upto 2k….:-)…

  9. please tell me how is the flash of the micromax canvas xpress 2 ?. how is the performance in very low light condition and how much is the on screen time for canvas xpress 2?

  10. I’m using Yureka Plus (upgraded from yureka), earlier I had Canvas 4(white) as my Secondary phone till may 2015. I wanted to change C4,so I bought Redmi 2, it was not of my taste becoz of poor camera, poor RAM, poor storage, small display (though the quality was Okay), then I bought Yuphoria, this Yuphoria also annoyed me because of bad sound in earphones, lack of otg support and lack of touch buttons. I used it 9 days and sold this crap also. At that time I bought Redmi note 4g because of 2k price cut but sold it in a week because the phone was too bulky, too thick, single sim, poor display and poor sound in earphones (not like Yureka or yureka plus, not even half of that). Though Battery backup was better than Yureka and heating was also very less, but in all other aspects it lagged behind Yureka. Then I bought Yureka plus (primary phone) and sold Yureka… But since my Canvas 4 has gone, I’m unable to find a good Secondary phone for myself.

    Now I am thinking to buy Xpress 2. Please suggest me a phone under 7k which would be correct for me.

    1. How many phones you have?Do your parents dont say anything you change phones too frequently

      1. If you buy your phones with your own money then why should anyone tell u not to change them frequently?

  11. I am facing sound fluctuation in my mmx canvas express 2. Tell me how to solve it, is it a hardware or a software problem ..tell me.

  12. I bought this phone.. I am unable to play games when data in sd card …how to solve this?

  13. Hi bro,
    Does this support CDMA as well?
    If not please suggest a CDMA supported VFM phone.
    Thank you

    1. @Nisha

      it doesnt support cdma if you are looking for budget cdma mobile you can go for ZTE ENGAGE its a pure cdma mobile with 1 gb ram i bought it for Rs.4000 only as i wanted a basic android cdma mobile and if you can increase your budget then moto e 2nd gen 4g is a very good cdma mobile (not the indian version available at flipkart)

      remember above 2 mobiles are not officially available in india, i bought them from a person who deal in imported mobiles ( but did not faced any issue till now.

      try online maybe you can find a good seller like mine.

  14. Folks when there’s Redmi 2, Why are you thinking about it! No 4G is biggie Drawback! I dont think that this device will be a value for money.

    1. If you are okay with 3G then Xpress 2 else better go for 64 bit redmi 2 prime with 4G support.

  15. What is the difference between 32bit and 64 bit, one more that is can we use usb hub through otg to our phone.

    1. Xpress 2 beats redmi 2 in every aspects except 4g not a major big issue in india….iam using both handsets but for me xpress 2 looks very much better… Only drawback in xpress 2 is only 4.2gb available for apps and games….
      Hope they resolve this issue in next lollipop update by providing move to sd option

  16. Hey Gogi, among Micromax Canvas Express 2 and Swipe Elite, which do you think is the best smartphone considering camera and battery ?
    Both the smartphones have same rice tag of Rs.5999.

    1. Don’t buy swipe elite because it is laggy and battery consumption is high and no gorilla glass and very poor camera quality than xpress2

    2. Never buy any Swipe product. I had a very tough time, having purchased their Slash 4x Tab, when the display was broken, I could not get it replaced locally through service center, who sent it to Delhi for replacement, and I waited for 2 full months. So, a BIG NO to Swipe. Customer care is very very poor.

  17. It will worth spending another 1k and get 4G handset like redmi 2. Best is to buy redmi prime if you can up your budget to 7k for future proof phone with 4G and 2Gb Ram.

  18. I used this mobile everything is good except camera camera quality equal to 5mp also mobile hang bhi ho jata hai

    1. I have 3 choices honor holly, redmi 2 and xpress 2 and my requirement is a good rear camera and display quality that’s all. So what do you prefer bro?

      1. But Gogi, I believe at a time you can have only one sim as 3G. It gives a radio button option for 3g and you can select only one of the two sims as 3G. Will you please check if both sims can simulteneously be set as 3G?

  19. Hi Gogi,

    Thanks for the review.

    As an user of this mobile for the last 10 days (obtained in 2nd flash sale on 11th August,15), I wanted to point out a few things.

    1) The build quality is really sturdy, The glass survived a face down fall in a dusty staircase from my hand and survived with a minor scratch. I am not going to repeat that again 🙁

    2) The camera shutter lag you can control in the camera settings. I don’t know why zero shutter lag was activated by default. The time to focus and ultra close shots are unfortunately two issues which will persist.

    3) The battery has serious calibration issues, not only in my set but in most sets as evident from Flipkart reviews. A normal user will jump to charging when the battery falls from 100% to 40% in 3 hours and will never notice that the last 15% sees you though half a day of moderate usage.

    Can you please suggest a way to improve the battery calibration?

    1. Sayak, same here I also faced the battery calibration issue, but not that much. Battery calibration is kind of memory loss. The best way to fix it is use the handset until the handset shuts down by itself. You will find that at lower percent the battery backup will be much higher. For example in my case with 10% battery the handset gave about 12 hours of backup. Try it and once handset shuts off charge to full 100%. Keep doing this for few battery cycles and it will fix.

  20. hi gogi sir

    plz tell me the which phone battery backup are best Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 / Redmi 2
    which one are best
    i want purchase for my sister for normal use

    1. @sunil
      if battery is your highest priority then go for coolpad dazen 1 or if you can increase your budget then go for asus zenfone 2 laser.

  21. Hi Gogi,
    As you said Xpress 2 is a very good handset for the price but it is not the best.
    Can you please suggest some?

  22. Pls tell me does it supports Google cardboard I own this phone its awesome, pls test cardboard with it.

    1. Cardboard will work with any phone and best when gyro and magnetic sensors are present and this phone has both.