Micromax Canvas LapTab II model LT777 that was launched few days back is now listed and available on Amazon for ₹17,999. This LapTab sports a 11.6 inch screen and is powered by Intel Atom quad core processor.

The Micromax Canvas LapTab II comes with back-lit Keyboard that makes it easier to work in dim lighting conditions. Windows 10 is pre-installed. This LapTab sports an 11.6 inch IPS touch screen with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution.

It is powered by 4th Gen 1.8GHz Intel Atom quad core processor loaded with 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage space. There is micro SD card slot that supports up to 64GB micro SD card. There is a front camera of 2MP resolution and a rear camera, also of 2MP resolution.

Micromax Canvas LapTab II available for ₹17,999

LapTab weight is 1.5Kg, there is built in SIM slot. Key features are 3G, 2x USB port, 1x micro USB port, 1x micro HDMI port, audio / mic jack, WiFi and Bluetooth. The 9000 mAh battery as per the company gives up to 10 hours of usage on a single charge.

Micromax Canvas LapTab II is now available for ₹17,999.

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  1. Get a dell vostro 3446 laptop for 25k instead .with Intel core i3 processor + 4gb ram + 2gb nvdia g force graphics + 500gb HDD + Ubuntu ..light weight portable and powerful.. Better build ..reliable .

  2. Let me clarify why devices like this make sense.

    Yes, they are less powerful than regular laptops. But regular laptops rarely give you more than 4 hours battery life, especially after the first few months. Also they are bulky and get overheated easily. Also look at the boot times on these devices – close to 90 seconds when they are fully loaded up. The screens are very seldom even touchscreens and invariably non-IPS and the terrible viewing angles + non-detachable screens makes for a horrible experience when you are using these devices outside. So they are not really portable devices and yet much more expensive than desktops having the same specs, more peripherals for connecting external hardware, a DVD-RW drive, which is actually reliable and ergonomic unlike most USB powered external drives(even placing and removing a disk is endless misery and can easily result in damaging the disk) So if anything, laptops are the actual cheat. They are neneither portable devices nor the most powerful devices you can buy for a given amount of money.

    Thsse devices on the other hand are genuinely portable. They can offer 10-12 hours of battery life, are very lightweight, do not get heated up much(if well-engineered by decent companies like Asus or Acer), boot times are under 10 seconds even when heavily loaded, and their detachable IPS screens offer a much more ergonomic experience. And for running MS Office, an older version of Photoshop or Visual Basic for simply learning, experimenting, and having fun, the processor power is good enough. The only devices that can give you both very powerful processors and the other advantages currently cost in the region of 80,000 rs! Instead, get a desktop having the same specs for 50,000 rs, and a good laptab for portable use with the remaining 30 k!

    The only trouble is that very few companies are offering a really good balance of price and specs. What Pradip suggests is very nice but I am actually less ambitious. I don’t need a 13 mp back camera or any back camera at all which is useless in a tablet. Just provide a single 10 mp front camera with flash for video conference etc(possibly provide a rotation feature like some Gionee phone did a while ago to please everyone) I also don’t ask for 128 gb internal memory but only 64 gb and only 128 gb of expandable memory. I also like the 4g sim but provide it in the keyboard dock instead(which has its own battery and enhances the battery life when the tablet is attached by about 8-10 hours) and the tablet can access it through WiFi. 4 gb RAM is a must for productivity. But I don’t really demand a high-end Amoled display at this price!

    Finally, the ideal thing is that it must be dual boot Android and WWindows. There must be a separate 32 gb internal memory for Android and a separate 128 gb mi ro sd slot. Though you cannot access the micro sd of Android while using Windows(and vice versa) you can transfer files from one card to another using pre-installed apps on both operating systems. The joy of Android on 4 gb RAM and these new Cherry Trail Intel processors will be something else. On the other hand, you can use Windows for productivity and creativity. For such a device, I would be willing to pay up to 30 k.

    But this is only realistic for the next 6 months. Once Windows 10 starts costing money, that itself will add 10 k to the price. So if you are Asus, Samsung, or Lenovo, or even Xiaomi, act now!

    1. Just one more point. There should be two full USB 3.0 ports comfortably capable of supporting external storage up to 2 tb even when not plugged in, and a USB C port for charging so that a single turbo charger can charge your laptab as well as your USB C phones(because the intelligent charger will provide the needed amount of voltage and current after getting this information from the device being charged which is the essence of USB C technology) That will be a convenient and important bit of future proofing.

  3. At 18000 you are in the middle of nowhere. If you want a laptop add another 6 thousand and get a proper laptop else go for netbooks available at around 14k from proper brands

  4. Overpriced, should have been priced around 14999. Wait for a month, price would come down drastically.

  5. A lot people will move towards these devices but need some upgradations :
    1. Full HD Amoled Display
    2. 3GB/4GB RAM
    3. 128 GB internal storages+ Expandable upto 256 GB
    4. 13 Mp back+5 Mp front camera
    5. 4G SIM Slot
    Price should be Under 20k

  6. I don’t see the concept of launching this kind of tab or laptop whatever it is atleast we know about Chromebook which is only for browsing and online word edit and everything else work online.but I know its a completion for chromebook. But does it make sense because when we see windows it for full work watching movie loaning song PowerPoint and word excel everything offline. Even when we have 1tb hard disk it get full with just movie and games HD games and how it make sense of buying because its least power Device can’t handle anything it was better to support windows to arm than this Intel for tablet work.

    1. There are people who use a laptop or tab for Web Browsing, Making documents and presentations, viewing documents on the go etc. You can easily have MS Office in this.
      + you can buy tiny pendrives of 64 gb for 1.5k which wont even be visible. You can carry 10-15 HD Movies in that alone.
      + its got micro sd slot so u can increase 128gb using that as well.

      This is not meant for playing HD Games. This device is meant for portability.
      If you want a gaming device why the hell are you looking at something in this price tag?
      Gaming laptop with gddr5 dedicated cpus would cost you atleast 4-5 times more. Anything less than that you cant play HD games.

      I think these devices make alot more sense than Chromebooks. Atleast in India where internet connectivity costs alot.
      + U have a sim slot in this so 3g on the go.

      These detachable devices are good for portability, connectivity, productivity and a bit of entertainment as well.
      You expect to game on an under 20k device.

      Buy the New Surface book with detacble keyboard with a gddr5 gpu. It costs over 1 lakh 20k. Lol.

      1. But Shreya when we can Get a full Fledge laptop i3 at 20K (with Windows 23K) what is the logic in invesingt 18k just for the sake of having limit options.

    1. Yes it’s Detachable i’m using LT666 it’s very good buy if you browse internet play some small games watching it’s very good option in very low i would say i got in 11,500 in paytm 🙂