What’s this a Micromax A101 on Homeshop18 with a price tag of Rs. 9,999 and well as expected with out of stock status. There is no word about A101 on the web, and hence no confirmation yet, but HomeShop18 seems a genuine site and hence this cannot be ignored.

The A101 seems similar to the Micromax A100 model except with a bigger screen of 5.2 inches as mentioned on the Homeshop site. If you go through the specifications most of it does not make sense.  Even contradicts to what is being mentioned above.  For example Frequency Band: GSM900/DCS1800 WCDMA 2100 and below it’s mentioned 3G connectivity – yes, HSDPA – no, WCDMA – no.

Interestingly the A101 sports a 5.2 inches screen a little bigger that what we have seen on the A100 model. The design also changed a bit with 4 dedicated buttons.  But hold on the same page it says 5.2 inch (12.7 cm) – 12.7 cm to inches is 5 inch.

Micromax A101

Will there be a MMX A101, yes or no, we do not know yet. The specs on Homeshop18 (click here) also seems incomplete, senseless.  So what do you think is it a fake product or with a lot of typo errors. I don’t think MMX will launch another A100 model like A101 just to fill in some blanks, that too for Rs. 9,999.

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  1. ‘but HomeShop18 seems a genuine site’
    I am amazed that you think so. Homeshop18 seems to be a cheap money minting con to me. Everything on that site from Specs to price is incorrect. Then they’ll say they are giving ‘heavy discount’. Complete waste site.

      1. Yes..they misguide us with prices they tell us like they completely giving discount… its all fake figures…

  2. Micromax A 100 is back in stock at starting price of 10,500. How come A110 is pitched at 9999?

    1. Dude It is Priced at Rs. 9,799 on saholic & available now i think they have only few stock left so they have increase the price by Rs. 100 & may be A110 & A101 will be launching just after the stock of A100 is sold…

  3. I have seen intel xolo 700 on their website,but its their only.So I don’t think I can trust them.

  4. Shahin bro I think gogi is doing an awesome job by reviewing Indian phones a “cheap phones” coz for high end phones you will find 100s of review on youtube every tom, dick and harry does review on high end phones but about cheap Indian phones you can hardly find any review and specially in India 90% of ppls they want cheap phones with overall features I am a tech freak and after watching gogis review and people’s positive comments I never knew indi-china phones can do so best at so low prices and reliable, and I think he should stick to Indi phones and shahin bro I think you just google it and find how many sites does deep review on those good indi-china phones? ans is NONE so bro just support him coz he is doing an awesome job by bringing the phones from the dust in to limelight and gogi buddy just stick to it coz your site is unique and ding a good job… 🙂 ….. m/…

  5. I pre-booked mmx a110 but cant wait more so going to buy a phone today plz tell me which one should I buy samsung s duos or sony xperia j ?

  6. The kind of idiotness these Indian manufacturers are showing we have seen this already in Automobile sector in india. Take one engine and put it in various shape and sizes of bike or car, same thing these manufacturers are doing by putting same hardware in various mobiles difference being just shape and screen size.

  7. Micromax, Spice and Karbonn are playing game of announcements to cut each other sale; it is loose loose situation for everyone buyers postpone their buying decision in anticipation of new better specification model from the another company. That’s the reason India companies are unreliable.

  8. Huwai honor 2 with quad core 4.5′ 720p display 8mp cam for 287$ will it be available in India?

    1. Shahin, not dedicated to cheap phones, but there is not much news as of now. I am sure you might have checked the Note 2 review?

      1. But Gogi now here has lot of news like:
        Apple launched New ipad mini ,Nokia launched Lumia 510&Fourth generation ipad is launched with a A6x chip 🙂

  9. Interestingly, a110 has gone off the list of phones with sar and a101 has taken its place, funny, there is something really weird going on with their launches I guess, don’t you think gogi?

    1. Pawandeep, the listing / specs of any existing phone on the micromax site is most cases are not so accurate (with time they update it). I guess the same goes for the SAR page (hope the sar values are correct :-)).

  10. Gogi the site needs a up-to-date top 10 list as per price / feature to be really complete and make it easy for the layman and first time visitors. Something like top 5 android devices for under 15k , top 5 nokia device for under 5k, top 5 dual core tablets under 15k etc.

  11. In list of phones in the SAR ratings page of their website their is mention of a90s, but no mention of a110! hope the sar values are correct.

  12. May be Micromax wanted to launch this before A110, but Chinese manufacture must have delayed the delivery. The launch, new products etc. mainly depend on the Chinese manufacture. And don’t expect too much from this handset, it would be with almost same configuration as A100 but with minor changes just to confuse people and widen range of Micromax “Smartphones” 🙂 Come on Micromax don’t just increase number of phones at the rate of 30 phones per month, but provide updates to existing customers and improve service quality.

  13. Gogi you have done a gr8 job I have seen all you reviews also you ans near about all comments and also good comments, one thing I want tell you that tomorrow in pune it is available the shop owner says you will get mmx a101 on dashahara, is that shocking the phone is not officially launched as soon I get the phone I will reply till then fingers crossed.

    1. Basavraj, thanks for you comments. It is really not shocking as I have seen Micromax products in the store even before they have officially announced it.

  14. Great and fast updates gogi and all my Friends so that means lots of ppl are waiting like me it seems one good phone launch and all will buy that so after that great phone purchased all will need one page like PROBLEM AND SOLUTION so will you create that for us @ gogi.

    Micromax is pressing a Boost button to reach to the 1st in race a101 could be a replacement for a100 I guess.

    1. Punit, we already have the article / review and comments (for prob / solution ) on a single page. Its better this way as you find all the details in a single page. A101 I think as you said a replacement of A100. Lets see what it has got.

    1. 🙂 🙂 LoL to that.

      It comes with OCD…Obsessive Compulsive – NewLaunch – Disorder.
      I guess its a part and parcel of life of a so calledly Indian company with a Chinese product profile.
      They’re redifining ‘unreliable’.
      Good to watch from a distance as they try to grow up – should anyone buy anything from them at this juncture; thats anybody’s choice.

  15. Gogi, its weird, first xolo x700 was listed on homeshop18, now micromax A101. there are no details of both these phones from any other source.?

  16. Hey Gogi, Yes Micromax are launching A101 see the list of phones in the SAR ratings page of their website…
    Here Is The Link…

  17. Well it could be the new lot of micromax a100 since they have the earlier one out of stock. coz as u say gogi, they are just selling rebranded stuff and it maybe that the company they might be sourcing from has no more quota of a100 left and have new lot of phone with specs of a101 so they can sell the a100 as a101 since they are not manufacturing the product themselves and just picking it off shelf and rebranding it, don’t u think gogi?