Xiaomi had recently added the Mi USB Fan on their Indian website that was available for ₹249 + ₹50 for shipping. This is a USB powered mini fan that may look like a useless device to many but might come handy in some situations.

USB Fan Unboxing
The packing is simple, a small plastic pouch that houses the fan and the USB connector. Instructions and specifications are mentioned on the rear side of the plastic pouch. Rated Voltage : 5V, Rated Power : 1W.

Design and setup
The fan is available in different colour options for now only the Blue colour version was available. Body is made of good quality plastic including the blade. The blade is a little flexible. USB connection has a USB point at one end and a motor on the other end.

Xiaomi Mi USB blade and USB connector

The motor rotating pin is visible, you will need to insert the blade into the pin, and that’s it. The next step is to connect the USB to a power source.

Xiaomi Mi USB Fan blade attached

This is a mini fan not really a replacement of your ceiling fan. Just connect it to a power bank, your desktop or laptop, or in fact you can also connect it to your mobile phone using OTG cable. The fan is good enough to keep your face cool for up to 2 feet distance.

Xiaomi Mi USB Fan review

The fan rotation is pretty smooth and almost silent. The blades are safe, even if you put your finger while the fan is rotating it will not hurt.

The Mi USB Fan may be a good or a bad option, depending on how you want to use it. As already mentioned most might find this useless. You can use it as a fan, a portable mini fan good when you are travelling in hot environments, you can connect this to your laptop / desktop / other devices and point the fan towards the hardware to cool itself, finally you can also use it as a exhaust fan – works pretty good in a smaller area.

The Mi USB Fan, depending on what you want to do with it, is available for ₹249 + shipping ₹50.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in