Doston this is Mi Smart Water Purifier unboxing and review, if you are planing to buy a new water purifier then this is the best option available in the market for now.

Mi smart Water Purifier price in India is Rs. 11,999 you can buy from here –

Whats makes the Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO + UV) unique

The best thing about this purifier is that you know that it is working, now there are many water purifiers available in the market, but hardly any one gives you date about the purification, you just assume.

But with Mi Smart Water Purifier you know how much is the TDS (Total Dissolved solids) from tap water and how much it is after filtration. Check the video to see the levels at my place, pretty impressive, pure water and I did feel the water was really good after drinking it.

Mi Smart water purifier

Mi Smart Water Purifier filter and its cost
1. PPC filter cost is Rs. 1,299
2. PAC Filter cost Rs. 899
3. RO Filter cost Rs. 1,799

This water purifier can remove sediment, rust, red worm, hair, fiber, molecular particles, organics, virus, antibiotic, inorganic matter, bacteria  and heavy metals.

Mi Smart water purifier is easy to clean and comes with a 7 liter capacity tank that stores purified water.

There is a tap you can use to fill glass with water of a bottle with water from the tank. You do get a small acceptable noise when the water purifier is in action, mainly cause of motor that flushes out water.

So this smart water purifier keeps the tank filled with 7 liter water, and there is UV light in the thank too that keeps the tank water sterilised.

Lift of filters is up to 12 months depends on your usage. Another good thing is if there is a power failure you can still drink the tank water.


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -