It seems the recent Mi Max stock has some WiFi connecting issue many users are complaining about it. I got mail from few users regarding the same and suddenly the number of negative comments on Amazon has also increased.

If you check the Amazon site a lot of users are complaining about WiFi issue and most of such comments were made within 24 hours. Seems like many users got the Mi Max handset and there is some problem with probably that particular lot.

I am using the Mi Max handset as of now and there is no such issue as pointed out by some users. I am also using WiFi and 4G it is working without any issues. Even after doing a factory reset (tried by some users) the issue does not seem to resolve.

Xiaomi Mi Max WiFi issue

The major concern is not the WiFi issue but the availability, the company will replace if there is manufacturing defect and handset was just bought (new). But do they have the stock, will users get a replacement handset soon – that is the big question. I think many users got their Mi Max delivered quite late.

The Mi Max handset that I am using is a review unit (sent by the company). I guess the issue is related to a particular lot, may be all handsets in that lot have WiFi problem. If you have bought the Mi Max handset recently, got it delivered and are facing the WiFi issue leave a comment. If you have found a solution then too leave a comment and help others.

The next handset that people are going crazy is the Redmi 3S, I will be buying the handset for review – it will be a retail unit. If you can wait, don’t buy Redmi 3S from first sale wait for the review.

Amazon comment tip : Rohit Jain.

Update : The issue has been fixed. There is a software update, less than 2MB, you can use mobile net to update. This will fix the WiFi issue. Manually check the update in case you have not got any notifications.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -