The Mi Max 2 has been launched in India. This is the successor to the Mi Max. Those already using the Mi Max might want to upgrade to this latest hardware, here is the Mi Max 2 vs Mi Max comparison that will help you decide if you want to upgrade.

There are a good number of changes you will find on the Mi Max 2 compared with the Mi Max. The screen size, resolution however is the same – i.e. 6.44 inches with full HD resolution with 2.5D curved glass.

Now the processor is different on Mi Max 2, here it is using Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa core and on the Mi Max it was Snapdragon 650 hexa core. RAM and ROM on Mi Max was 3GB and 32GB whereas on the Max 2 you will find 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Both are dual SIM phablet with hybrid slots.

Mi Max 2 vs Mi Max comparison

OS is different Mi Max 2 runs the latest MIUI 8 based on Nougat and Mi Max was MIUI 7 based on Marshmallow. Coming to the camera front camera is the same on both handsets i.e. 5MP. But rear camera megapixel has been reduced on Mi Max 2 that now comes with 12MP resolution compared with Mi Max that is using 16MP resolution. However the Max 2 is using a better sensor.

Max 2 weight is 211 and thickness is 7.60 compared with Max that weighs around 203 grams with 7.50mm thickness. Rest of the features are the same. The battery mAh has increased on Max 2, a 5300 mAh battery with QC 3.0 and on the  Mi Max it was 4850 mAh battery.

Mi Max 2 price is Rs. 16,999 and the Mi Max is priced at Rs. 14,999.

Mi Max vs Mi Max 2 comparison

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  1. Mi max got Nougat update like a month ago. And it also supports qc 3.0

  2. Hi gogi ji how r u, after long time,,, 😀

    As u got review unit, I am requesting u to give much more deep review about sound and I think it’s missing one frequency of 3 of jio, so about it’s jio network issues too.

    I think both speakers are not same, I mean top one produce low and mid frequency only and below one for high frequency only means it’s not true stereo. Hope both spk. r with same power and cover all 3 freq. As it lacks DAC, howz earphone clarity like bass punchy or normal. Ofcourse it depends on earphones brand too, Plz suggest one which is gr8 for it and how about xiaomi in ear headphones pro? Plz suggest 1 which is cheap and best with high punch bass suits to it.

    About jio, it lacks 1 band coverage, so I think it’s give us some problems like frequent disconnect and connect again automatically with some seconds gap which gives us serious problem while net banking etc.
    Hope u cover these important things more than regular stuff by reviewing more deeper than things like positions of volume and cam., ffs etc 😀 plz don’t mind yaar am irritating whenever I saw those regular intro’s and other stuff,,, want to see the next step of deep reviews from u.

    Hope the price falls under 15k in 1 month, as usual initial hype up squeezing profits from hypers, if not ppl forget it by next week.

  3. Looks good I am planning to upgrade my old Mi Max. Gogi can you please try to get the Mi Max 2 review before the first sale.

  4. Little overpriced considering it’s still a FHD phone…I would pay a couple thousands more & get myself a Honor Note 8…

    1. Honor note 8? I am hearing this for the first time. Any link of the device?

      1. He mean to say honor 8 pro. But price is 30k not 20k. Max 2 is still a better device under 20k.

  5. Sir can you please tell me a good screen protector for redmi note 4 i bought it after seeing your review

  6. Even Mi Max 1 supports fast charging, if enabled!!!
    I think Mi max 2 has less number of supported network bands.
    One adv. of Mi max 2 is, it has full metal body with ‘U’ antennas.

  7. Updated phone is thicker and heavier … Lower mp camera but better sensor…
    And yes ofcos- costlier…
    Ye Kya Hai sir ji ?

  8. Not much excitement
    But a bit of disappointment

    Same feelings when RM note 4 was launched after RM note 3.

  9. Overall it’s a minor upgrade with no improvement in performance. The battery is best with fast charger and minor camera improvement.

  10. Sir,
    Please add stereo speakers and fast charging support. Those are the main differences I feel.