MG Motor India has unveiled the Cyberster for the maiden time in our nation and validated plans for a novel network of elite outlets for its more luxurious offerings. Although the Chinese-owned British marque has yet to affirm which variants will be vended from these fresh deluxe showcases, the Cyberster emerges as a probable contender.

This electric sportscar signifies MG’s inaugural foray into the realm of electric vehicles and is poised for global distribution later this year.

MG Motor had disclosed the convertible EV back in 2023, presenting two alternatives for battery packs and propulsion systems. The base-level iteration harnesses the prowess of a solitary rear axle-mounted 308hp motor, paired with a 64kWh battery and boasting a claimed range of 520km. The apex variant of the Cyberster is equipped with a 77kWh battery pack, boasting a CLTC-certified range of 580km. Its twin motors collectively generate an impressive 544hp and 725Nm, enabling the 1,985kg all-wheel-drive model to accelerate to 100kph in a mere 3.2 seconds.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -