MediaTek announced 2 Helio Chipsets what they call ‘The Perfect Duo‘, presenting the MediaTek Helio P23 and the MediaTek Helio P30. The major highlight about these chipsets is that it supports 4G on both the SIM slots.

For now all 4G handsets available in the markets (in India) supports 4G on both SIM slots but when you enable 4G on a SIM the other SIM will switch to 3G / 2G. This means that you will be able to use 4G on only one SIM at a time.

With the MediaTek Helio P23 and the MediaTek Helio P30 powered  smartphones will now be able to use 4G on both the SIM slots. Helio P23 and Helio P30 both are octa core powered clocked at 2.3GHz using 16nm  process.

MediaTek Helio P25 and P30 announced

These chipsets are using Mali G71 MP2 GPU, the same on P23 is clocked at 770MHz and on P30 it is clocked at 950MHz. The MediaTek Helio P23 chipset supports 13MP+13MP dual cameras (color + mono / wide + telezoom) and the MediaTek Helio P30 supports 16MP+16MP (color + mono / wide + telezoom) plus with real time depth zoom.

These are high performing chipsets and more power saving. This chipset on paper looks interesting and dual 4G with VoLTE support is definitely going to go well with users. We will have to wait for this, expected in Q4 2017.

With smartphones using P23 / P30 you will be able to use two Jio SIM on a single handset or two 4G SIM’s, together (4G active on both slots).

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  1. Xiaomi is in big trouble in India now due to mtk infringement issues until, SD releases their versions of dual VoLTE chipsets!!!

  2. snapdragon vs mtk* now bettle is begun what about spreadtrum 1.2ggs soc there’s no other segment comedout

  3. time has come for Qualcomm to respond in mid range segment with similar chipsets supporting dual 4G volte.

  4. Dear gogi ji, its the latest trend is full vision or infinity displays so far as long its continues 2018 . So please do review differences between normal displays with full vision bezzel less displays regarding major issues like quality, durability, safety from drop, and some other major issues you thought. Because the next generations goin to this type of displays. Thanking you and hopping on you for working on this.

  5. If 6737 is alto

    Then the ‘perfect duo’ is Baleno.

    Is there any product from Qualcomm which also supports simultaneous 4G & volte on both sims?

  6. Helio P30 SoC (built on a 16 nm process) looks pretty good with the GPU clocked at 950 Mhz . Unfortunately it is using outdated A53 cores. A combination of A53 cores with either A73 or A72 cores would have made this a decent mid range powerhouse (similar performance like Snapdragon 652/653).. Dual 4G standby with VoLTE is a welcome feature, that I’ve been patiently waiting for to arrive in the smartphones world.. Qualcomm should implement this technology in their future chipsets..

    1. You know what ? My phone having SD801 can play every high end game till now available in market so what is outdated here ?

      1. You are quite right, however the only issue with dated gpus is the lack of support for latest openGL/CL api, ofc that isn’t relevant at present. Newer gpus support better apis and therefore more advanced in game effects and rendering…

    2. G71 GPU is new generation than the old one MP880. Much better Graphic performance. And the A53 cores are now implemented on 16nm platform than old 28nm. So again better efficiency and power savings.

      1. MTK lags in releasing source code for SOC’s if they cover this will gain more Market for sure