Marshmallow being rolled out on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone

Samsung has already started rolling out Android Marshmallow update Android Version 6.0.1 on their premium handset the Galaxy Note 5 in India. If you are using the Note 5 handset, you might have already got the notification if not – you will get it soon, within few days / weeks.

Make sure to keep the battery level at over 75%, better still if the handset is fully charged. The update size is around 1.2GB, use WiFi to download and then update. The Marshmallow update on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come with it some new features and an upgraded TouchWiZ UI.

With Marshmallow Doze battery saving feature Note 5 users should get better battery backup on a single charge. Most likely the apps and data will be intact but better check the details before updating, Marshmallow treats SD card a little bit different  but since Note 5 does not come with SD card slot, there should hardly be any issues. Another noticeable feature is the vibration pattern.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow update

If you have upgraded let us know how the update went and if you faced any issues.

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