Most of you are already aware that Hugo Barra has resigned as Vice President and now Manu Kumar Jain will take over that position. Xiaomi officially announced this today and the Mi India twitter account also confirms the same.

A proud moment for Indians Xiaomi India Head Manu Kumar Jain is the new Vice President of Xiaomi. Manu Kumar had joined Xiaomi in 2014 (a co-founder of Jabong). Under Manu’s leadership Xiaomi rose to 2nd largest smartphone vendor in India – with 10.7 % market share.

Redmi Note 4 camera update

I have also uploaded another video on Youtube that clarifies the camera issue, the Redmi Note 4 camera rating has also been updated in the review.

Manu Kumar Jain is new Xiaomi Vice President


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  1. After using color os for a while, I can say that Miui is far far better. You can criticize the security risks but it is there for all. I have redmi2, note3 and resmi 3s prime. Will buy xiaomi again.

    1. Hi Leo

      What’s the security risk in Miui ? It has an inbuilt security app so I never bothered to install a 3rd party antivirus.

      1. I don’t know. but read about it some where. I disable auto data transmission in every phone if possible.

  2. Xiaomi may be performing well in India due to flipkart.

    But in home china, xiaomi market share is shrinking. Huawei, oppo and vivo are leading in china.

    Xiaomi has 16 percent drop in sale in 2016. The main reason is online only sale model and frustrated customers going for other brands.

    Xiaomi is lacking innovation. Even the same redmi note 4 3gb ram version is available in china as RN 4x at just 9700 rupees. But still xiaomi is not getting any good response because very poor after sales support.

    I don’t know why we Indians are obsessed with xiaomi even though honor 6x and cool1 beat it.

    1. Agree completely with you bro. The reason I think Indians are obsessed with Xiaomi when cool 1 (I am using) is so better than that, is cause of influencers, they create a feel good environment for the product. Either they have no idea about technology or they are as honest as Manmohan singh.

      1. Have to agree on feel good factor. Yes xiaomi intelligently uses all youtubers and reviewers to cover RN4 and have a positive opinion.

        Xiaomi strength lies in great battery life and extra feature IR blaster which all companies ignore to give.

        Now cool1 also giving IR but battery backup is no one matching with xiaomi.

        Moto z play give awesome backup but price is double.

        Hence people tempted to xiaomi. Even though they know camera is poor and no glass protection at all.

        Adding gorilla glass will increase mobile cost. That’s the reason why cool1 priced a bit high. But xiaomi knows very well that most popular price point range is 7k to 12k and they are bringing products in this range.

        Don’t get surprised this year xiaomi is going to bring redmi 4a in India for 5000 and it will sell like hotcake because in china it is outdated and in India it is latest because here no manufacturer offering any device in that range.

        I wonder what happened to Micromax, Intex and Karoon?

        Can’t they even launch a competitor to Redmi 3??

        Intex once a market leader but now they are bringing mobiles like we are living in 2013.

        Oppo and Vivo are expanding their offline presence rapidly and I think in 2017 they may perform well.

        After leaving Hugo barra , it will be tough to survive xiaomi.

        May be xiaomi will perish in china and become India only company.

        But Indians frustration will also increase day by day.

        We are tired of these flash sales. They are selling like they are giving us their mobile for free.

        Even their flip cover is out of stock on their site.

        May be in future they may comeup with F code to buy their mobile cover.

        People will still try to buy it because xiaomi know concept of psychology very well.

        Every thing which is easily available openly people don’t prefer.

        Any thing which is very hard to get people are always interested in it because getting that thing makes people mind satisfy that they had done something great which nobody is able to get.

        People who got the device feels that they are superheros of India because they are having one smartphone which is no where available.

        This psychology is the reason why xiaomi is flourishing in India. (Good battery and IR blaster is added advantage for them always).

        1. Absolutely right. There are a few people who think buying an Mi phone itself is an achievement. They have to put an end to this flash sale thing and improve service center quality for sustaining in India long.

          PS: I am a 3S prime owner

          1. I buy because I want to. after using oppo, samy, etc etc it was so much better using xiaomi. because at a price point what mi offer is unbeatable. I have bought more than 6 redmis in flash sale for friends, who turned to mi after experiencing the phone. tell me which phone is better than redmi 3s at 7k price point.

          2. I will agree xiaomi will have to improve after sales service a lot.

            Regarding flash sales I think the moment xiaomi ends it it is gone from India.

            Xiaomi is enjoying top position due to flash sale and market due to flipkart.

            If flipkart says we are not interested in xiaomi and removes it from their store then xiaomi bad days will start.

            But flipkart will never do it because 50 percent revenue for them for mobiles is via xiaomi.

  3. Whoever be the man concentrate on off line stores those who are failed buy online they are searching alternatives in off line stores oppo, vivo etc…

    1. There is limited storage memory, that’s the only con. Otherwise it’s a better phone than 6X. If you are OK with that then go for it.

    2. After fairly disappointing service experience with Coolpad Note 3, i would warn you, Coolpad After Sale service is pathetic. Spare part support is non existent. Be warned.

  4. We can’t even think of him in Hugo’s place!!!
    Cause, everyone doesn’t born with the same kind of passion!!!!

  5. So wat does it meanbfor consumers? I am sure nothing’s much going to happen anyway b3 it some barra or any other xyz..uunfortunately for us its the fact everybody are almost aware off.

  6. hopefully xiaomi will bring more products from their line up…such as mi TV , and other products.