There are two accessories that most smartphones users use on regular basis, the charging adapter and data cable. Here is the review of an interesting product a Magnetic USB 2.0 and USB Type C charging cable.

These magnetic cables are unique, quality is very good and they come with detachable points – available with USB 2.0 (Micro USB), Lightning and USB Type C point / connector options (each cable sold separately). The packing is simple, you get the cable and user manual.

This cable looks like the traditionally cable that you use but the connector has a magnet and can be snapped off, check the images below to get an idea. Plug in the USB Type C or the micro USB 2.0 or the lightning connector into the respective  supported mobile phones and then you can either charge the mobile or use it for data transfer. The other end is USB. There is small LED on the magnetic module it will light up when power source is connected.

magnetic cable review

magnetic cable USB to USB Type C

The idea behind creating such a cable  is to easily get the charging points securely connected without paying much attention.

magnetic cable usb type c

For example if you are driving it gets really difficult connecting the cable to the mobile specially the micro USB 2.0 that needs to be plugged in the right way otherwise the port could damage.

magnetic cable usb type c review

magnetic cable manual

With magnetic cable there is no need to worry, just bring the cable near to the magnetic connector that should have been already connected to your phone and the cable will secure itself.

magnetic cable Micro USB 2.0 port

This is a very good option in case you are looking to get a new cable. There cables are available on

Rating 4.5 out of 5

The 1 Meter Type C to USB charging cable is priced at $10.99 approx Rs. 800 and the 1 Meter micro USB 2.0 to USB charging cable is available for $4.99 approx Rs. 350. Color options available. You can order it with free shipping, it will take around 15 to 25 days to get it delivered in India, and there is no extra charges / custom duty that you need to pay.

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By Rajeev Rana

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