This is a unique home speaker the Lumiford 2.1 Subwoofer Dock, it comes with a portable speaker unit with 6W output and a Subwoofer Dock that when combined with portable speaker gives 26W of awesome output. 

You can buy this portable speaker here Rs. 4,750 –

Lumiford 2.1 subwoofer dock specs

This is 2.1 stereo subwoofer system  designed around you and your lifestyle

Go wireless with the smaller speaker module of 6W or connect that module to the dock to get an immersive and enhanced sound output of 26W.

The portable stereo hand set is engineered with a fast and stable wireless connection to your phone / tablet with a 10m / 33ft range. It is designed to automatically reconnect to the last paired device

lumiford speaker

2.1 HD Stereo,Full bodied 26 W output

True Bass 20 W Subwoofer

Choose to sub woof your music with a punchy TrueBass wired subwoofer

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -