LG launched Q6 recently and now they launched the Q6+. This LG Q6+ also comes with 18:9 aspect ratio with FHD+ display. No difference in the specs only thing is RAM and ROM, on Q6+ you get 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, price is Rs. 17,990.

LG Q6+ is upgraded version of LG Q6. It is a dual SIM handset that sails on Android Nougat version 7.1.1. Screen is 5.5 inches full HD+ display i.e. 2160 x 1080 pixels with 18:9 aspect ratio. Inside the hood this handset houses the qualcomm snapdragon 435 octa core processor with Adreno 505 GPU.

There is 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and users can use up to 2TB external micro SD card. The primary camera on the back comes with LED flash support and is of 13MP resolution. Front camera is wide angle with 5MP resolution.

Other features are 4G VoLTE, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and OTG support. There is no finger print sensor. A 3000 mAh battery powers the LG Q6+.

LG Q6+ launched

This handset will be amiable from offline stores for Rs. 17,990. LG Q6+ also comes with 1 time free screen replacement (6 months from date of invoice).

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  1. Was just checking Amazon.
    I think LG have scored big with the Q6 – seems like a sleeper hit since not much publicity for this, not even Gogi sir’s review.
    If we look at number of user reviews for a product (which in many ways can indicate the popularity of the device) and the user rating (indicating the quality / user feedback)….and check for devices that have more than 1000 user reviews and a rating of nearly 4 stars and up, find that LG Q6 is nearing 2000 user reviews and 4 star rating….thus joining elite club of mobiles which includes the likes of Oneplus 1/3/5, iphone 5s/6/6s/7, Redmi 4A, Honor 6x, Nokia 730 and very few others.
    LG needs this success, all the best to LG to come out with great devices!

  2. Gogi… What a serious omission from LG… No fingerprint sensor even at 18k! What LG is trying to figure it out???

    Why not SD625 at least or SD630

    Exorbitant pricing… isn’t it?

    1. I have LG Q6.
      It has “face unlock” instead of “fingerprint scanner” – just like on the newest iphones 8 / x…and in fact stole the iphone’s thunder. Like a few other things that become standard due to apple/iphone, maybe “face unlock” will become standard instead of (or along with) FPS.

  3. In my opinion , A bigger battery and a FP scanner would have made lot of difference, And yes SD ^^) would be better.

  4. Increase Processor(atleast SD660) ,RAM(4/6), ROM(64) & Battery(4k) and launch under 25k, It will be Blast.

    1. U shud consult some chinese manufacturer. Dont ask everything under 20k from apple, sony, lg, htc, samsung. Those r not craps like chinese companies

      1. Ha ha ha, u nailed i Bro… Good reply, I like it… Some people wants top notch specification and everything in top brand. LG Q6 is a well balanced with amazing display phone @14k… Yes if FP scanner was added then it would be mind blowing phone. It’s performance is very good.

  5. Okay this is a bit ridiculous. I liked the LG Q6 because it was a hatke phone. LG put a 2k screen on a low-end Snapdragon 435 simply because Qualcomm for the first time allowed their 400 series to host a 2k screen. Coupled with its gyroscope, it made for the best VR experience under 20 k. Though not very practical, it was a fun phone because it was unique and interesting.

    Adding more variants simply cheapens that freak appeal. And anyway the main problem with the original phone was the lack of a FP scanner and a small battery, not RAM and ROM.

    I would have appreciated a Snapdragon 660 powered 2k screen phone with super thin bezels at 23 k though. That would be a good serious version of LG Q6 and would have deserved the name LG Q6s(where s is for serious!)

    1. Instead of being oversmart , i think you should at least read the specs before commenting
      Its not a 2 k display its just a FHD screen with some extra pixels added in order to cope up for the 18:9 ratio..
      And this processor can easily handle FHD screen.

      1. Yes, I am using LG Q6 3gb/32gb version from last 15 days and I must say it’s a good phone.. Amazing display (just like QHD), decent front and back camera and inspite of SD 430 processor, it’s blezzing fast and gaming is also good. ..

      2. Frankly I am completely floored. I have seen so many reviews praising the dense screen on the LG Q6 that I had never observed the specs too closely. Besides I had heard several reviewers say that Snapdragon 435 does support 2k. Besides I’ve heard several complaints about battery life on the Q6 and assumed it was from the higher resolution. It seems I was mistaken about everything. The 435 apparently does not support a higher resolution than FHD(adapted to display shape) after all.

        So let me revise my opinion. Minus any distinctive features, minus even a FP scanner, with a barely decent camera and poor battery life, the LG Q6 was a completely unremarkable phone not to be recommended at any price. The LG Q6+ is a still more overpriced version of the same thing.